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    **Thank you to everyone who auditioned! I'm happy to announce that all characters have been cast. I've really enjoyed working with the VAA community and will be sure to stop by again someday soon!**

    Hi there! My name is Chelsea, and I am casting Jet Stream, an animated short film I am creating as my thesis project. I am looking for two female voice actors to voice main characters for the four-minute film. [The role of Aaron has been cast.] All information is below, but you can learn more about the film at!

    Film Pitch:
    Twenty minutes into the future, jetboarding is the latest sports craze- imagine a skateboard with a soup-sized jet engine as a power source. Teens everywhere are taking to the skies and doing tricks on their jetboards. Kira and Aaron have finally landed a spot on The Flameheads, a jetboarding team at a local theme park. But instead of performing on their first day on the job, they have to rescue a cat stuck on a rollercoaster- and it all goes downhill from there!

    Audition Deadline :
    February 28th (or when all parts are cast, whichever is sooner)

    Recording and Contact Information:
    Please send all audio files as .wav or .mp3 If file sizes are an issue, please email me and we can work something out.
    Subject line: [Character Name] [Your Name] Voice Actor Audition

    Please include your name + the name of the character you’re auditioning for + the line number in your file name. For example: “yourname_charactername_line1.mp3” Zip files are appreciated, but not necessary.

    Feel free to record multiple takes of the same line if you would prefer- I’d love to hear your interpretation of the character!


    Auditions Received:



    Chris F.
    Stijn B.
    Gerardo P.
    Matt H.
    Characters: (click images for larger sizes)

    Name: Kira
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Headstrong, fearless, and talented. Her high skill at performing jetboarding tricks landed her a spot on The Flameheads, a theme park jetboarding team. Aaron is her best and first friend, and the two aren’t often seen apart. Her habit of acting before thinking often gets her into trouble.
    Voice type: Strong, but not brash. Less Paris Hilton, more Kim Possible.

    Audition line 1 (excited): After all this time, we’re finally on the team! I can’t pick which trick I want to do first!
    Audition line 2 (disappointed): Man, I was really looking forward to performing today.
    Audition line 3 (panicked, yell) : Get it off, get it off, get it off! I could use a little help down here!

    Name: Shauna
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Seasoned, sharp, and in charge. Shauna is a founding member of the Flameheads- she keeps order on the team and manages Kira and Aaron as new recruits. Shauna seems casual on the surface, but she’s no-nonsense when it comes to work. There’s more to her than her tough exterior lets on, though few are privileged to see it. Hispanic actresses preferred, but not required.
    Voice Type: The confident voice of a leader. Not overly feminine. If the actor has a natural accent, this may be incorporated into the role.

    Audition line 1: Board down to Momentum and rescue the cat. You can handle that, right?
    Audtion line 2 (anger to worry): What were you thinking?! You could’ve gotten seriously hurt! Or worse…

    Name: Aaron
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Dedicated, resilient, and encouraging. He isn’t the world’s best jetboarder, but practicing with Kira helped him earn a place on the Flameheads team. When things go wrong, Aaron is the one to find a silver lining. Between the two of them, Aaron is the responsible one- most of the time.

    I am currently wrapping up pre-production now- initial animation will begin in March. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading- I look forward to hearing your auditions!
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    Sending an audition for Aaron.

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    definitely trying out for Aaron!

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    I will audition for Aaron soon! I have a question though: is this your thesis film for this year or next year? I not entirely familiar with how animation schools do thesis films.

    Also, one last question, if it's not too much. I am curiosity to what type of accents you want for your characters? I am hoping to use a Standard American accent for my audition for Aaron, but I was just wondering if there were any accents you had in mind or preferred.
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    Audition for Aaron sent
    -Matt Hunt

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    Hi, Zakku-

    This thesis film will be completed in spring 2015- my school does two years for Honors theses. Standard accent for Aaron is fine, but if there's something you'd like to try, then go for it!

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    Sent something in!

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