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  1. #1 "Say I Love You" Episode 1 Full English dub(YOUTUBE) 

    Episode 1 of the anime hit Sukitte ii na yo. Id like to thanks all the casts. Please excuse the quality of the video.ill re upload it in 1080p soon.
    Credits will be at the end of the episode. Please enjoy!!

    TIME: 8 hours or so...within 1 1/2 month..i was really sick in the hospital it didn't come out in the 2 weeks i wanted it too... I apologize for the wait.

    thanks for watching!
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    Nice! I really liked the voice for Mei Tachibana. ^^

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    Thank you for being awesome and releasing this episode, I put a lot of time into this and I'm glad that you did too.

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    This was really impressive! Mei's voice was spot-on. The dub sounded close to the real deal.. Will definitely be looking forward to more eps if you decide to continue with this series. ^_^

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    Wow really great job from everyone!!! =D <3 Absolutely loved it ^^ Can't wait to work on more episodes and see more of this show!!

    -Michaela (Asami/Extras)


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    Glad to see it's up!
    Christopher Escalante
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    Make ep 2! Please! Im hooked to this show and i dunt wanna read subtitles :d

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    Well that was pretty solid! I quite enjoyed that ^^ Mixing was great, performances were well done, and the voices matched. All around a very well done, full episode fandub. Also, nice work on the song at the end there Jerry! When I saw you composed that I was definitely surprised. As a side note, there was some delay with the lip flaps at times, but I feel that was just lag from the upload, so no big deal there.

    With that said, I found a few things that could have been improved upon to really push it to the upper echelon:

    1. There were a few lines that felt inappropriate for that particular scene, just the way it was said didn't reflect the feeling of the scene. A particular example was the introduction between Mei and Yamato, it felt...clunky and disconnected between the characters. Its like you two were saying your lines but you weren't talking to one another.

    2. Some lines were over pronounced either for clarity or some other purpose, but when that happens it loses the organic feel of the scene. Don't focus so much on the diction, have it in the back of your mind, but don't make it the focus.

    3. Effort sounds didn't always match the movement of the characters. For instance, Kenji's groan didn't quite match the animation.

    3. Some effects could have been present like when Mei calls Yamato for help, it sounded kinda weird hearing Mei as if she were physically in the room with Yamato.

    Overall, definitely quite good! Special shout outs to Saab's "Oh its Tachibana..." I laughed at that one lol. Escalante's final line, "I love you" very well done! Heart's touching and sympathizing explanation of other people's "true intentions". And Jerry's editing and mixing skills, kept me in the story!

    Well done everyone! ^^

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    OH MAN. whoever voices the popular hottie. i just want them to know.. they butter my biscuit.... his voice with that face.. justDAMNNNNNN i wish i could pull him out of the anime into my lap :p

    i told ashley this too, i'm not going to watch the actual anime kuz this is going to be so amazing. I cant wait for the next episode..

    i do have a few nitpicks however.. some of the mic qualities weren't the same, and the mixing was mediocre it seemed.

    like i feel you kind of rushed this episode and didn't spend as much time into details thati KNOW you could. For example. the credits where lame. i'm sorry and as a good mixer i know you can do better.

    also, the SIIIIZE the size should be bigger of the video i hated it being so small. see if maybe u can get a 1080p raw? :3

    Overall i give u an A :3
    and the VA's!! you did reallllyyyy good at picking ur cast. *applauds*

    <3333 can't wait for episode 2

    ~_.Holy bleep I need a demo reel._~


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    Very nice! I liked Mei's voice a lot in this, and I personally think that Yamato shouldn't sound so deep, but the actor played the character well. I can't tell since I wasn't listening with headphones, but it sounded like a few of the SFX were of lower quality than others. There were also a few scripting issues, since the words didn't always match up with the lip movements. A few minor details, but all in all, good job!

    By the way, I liked that last song! good job!

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