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    This project will backed up, as I cannot obtain the RAW anime episodes anymore. I am currently trying to get them from Funamation.

    Ever since the beginning of August, I have been excited about the fall anime Psycho-Pass. I plan to do a full dub of this anime while it's still going on. This might prove to be a bit of a challenge, but I'm ready to take it on!

    Note: More major characters will pop up in later episodes, and I will cast all of them when I need them. I am only casting major characters. Everyone else will fall under an 'extra' umbrella and will be given random cameo roles in the episodes. If you don't want to be an extra, please include that with your audition.

    DISCLAIMER: This anime contains some gore/blood/violence/swearing. If you prefer not to dub anime's like this, do not audition. If you are on the fence, I think you should just watch the first episode to get a feel of it. The first episode's the worst so far anyway.

    In the near future, it is possible to instantaneously measure a person's mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes with a device called the Psycho-Pass installed on each citizen's body. When this probability, measured by the "Crime Coefficient" index is too high in individuals, they are to be apprehended with lethal force if necessary. This task is performed by a special team comprised of Enforcers, which are selected criminals in potential who pursue other criminals, and Inspectors, police officers making sure their partners don't take things too far. Each enforcer and Inspector holds a special weapon called "Dominator", designed to fire only on those with a higher than normal Crime Coefficient. The story follows Inspector Akane Tsunemori, who must solve and manage crimes in this dark future.

    Staff Positions:
    1) A singer for the opening/ ending would be amazing. The lyrics will be in english. Just send me a youtube link or an audio file of you singing in english. Any song will do.
    2) A co-script writer would be nice! Writing scripts is time consuming, and having someone to help would be amazing! Contact me through my email ( or PM for info about the audition.

    Rules of Auditioning:
    1. Please commit to this! While I am flexible with deadlines, please make sure you can have time to record lines.
    2. Make sure your mic has minimal pops and clicks.
    3. Get all auditions and retakes in by November 31th. For some characters this may be extended.
    4. I can add characters as they appear in Psycho-Pass.
    5. I will critique only by request, and be aware I might not have time to critique.
    6. I might cast certain characters before the audition time is up.
    7. If you don't make the character you auditioned for, you will get casted as an extra. If you would not like to be an extra, tell me.

    Rules of Recording:
    1. Record files in an .mp3, .wav, .mpeg4, whatever works best for you.
    2. Please zip your lines. Don't put them in a .rar, my mac cannot open them.
    3. Please record all character lines in one audio file. It you do multiple characters then you'll need an audio file for every one of them
    4. Label all lines 'username_character_psycho-pass'
    5. Label your .zip's 'username_psycho-pass'
    6. Please include a .txt file in the zip with this info:
    VAA Username:
    Name you'd like to be credited as:
    7. Send all lines to

    Male Characters [Subject to Change]:

    Shinya Kogami

    Age: 20's - mid 30's
    Voice Type: Low. I'm thinking like a deeper Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia.
    Japanese Seiyu: Tomokazu Seki
    1) (serious, laid back) We hunt the prey. You observe. That's it.
    2) (joking, annoyed) Someone ought to earn there paycheck, old man.
    3) (serious, but resentment in his voice) If your unhappy, just shoot. The Dominators work on us too.

    Age: 20's - mid 30's
    Voice Type: Medium-Low. Thinking like Shigure from Fruits Basket, except not ever joking.
    Japanese Seiyu: Kenji Nojima
    1) (unemotional, like nothing happened) What bad luck you must have to deal with an incident right after you got posted.
    2) (angry, annoyed) We're a short on man-power, so save your introductions for later.
    3) (resentment, but informative) Latent criminals will always be latent criminals.

    Tomomi Masoka

    Age: 50's - 60's
    Voice Type: Low, but and bit old and fatherly. He's really up to interpretation.
    Japanese Seiyu: Kinyru Arimoto
    1) (serious, but in a joking tone) You could order us to stand by, if you want.
    2) (trying to lift the mood) Don't get so serious!
    3) (clarifying) He's saying leave it to us.

    Shusei Kagari

    Age: Early 20's.
    Voice Type: Medium-High, always joking on the surface, but bitter inside.
    Japanese Seiyu: Akira Ishida
    1) (excited, flirtatious) Is that the really cute newbie everyone's been talking about, Gino?
    2) (whining, complaining) B-b-but I wanna go with the cutie!!
    3) (reminiscent, bitter) I was detected a latent criminal at five. Been locked up ever since.

    Female Characters [Subject to Change]:

    Akane Tsunemori

    Age: Early 20's
    Voice Type: High. A character really up to interpretation, but think naive.
    Japanese Seiyu: Kana Hanazawa
    1) (rushed, and very worried) Excuse me! Are you Inspector Ginoza?
    2) (amazed, in shock) To think someone would let there Psycho-Pass get this cloudy...
    3) (shocked, embarrassed) J-j-just shoot?

    Age: 20's - 30's
    Voice Type: Low, demanding.
    Japanese Seiyu: Shizuka Ito
    Lines: [Sorry there's so few lines right now]
    1) (obedient, military-like) Roger.
    2) (unemotional, annoyed) That's because it was stupid.
    2) (angry) Hmph.

    Shion Karanomori

    Age: 30's - 40's.
    Voice Type: Medium-Low. Looking for a more mature Kirche from Zero no Tsukaima.
    Japanese Seiyu: Miyuki Sawashiro
    1) (annoyed, overworked) Yeah, yeah. Who is it?
    2) (excited, enthusiastic) Oh! Your the inspector that shot Shinya, right?
    3) (looking, reading) Well, you did get a good hit on his spinal cord.
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    Auditions Received:

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    Oh hey, a main character that's also the main sex appeal character. Gonna audition da fuark out of Shinya Kogami.
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    Today's daily bump.

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    Audition sent~


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    Ba-bump! Thanks for the auditions so far!

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    Bamp, this isn't getting much attention.

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    Audition sent!

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    Hmm..! I need to audition for some of these! Putting this on my list of things to do and stuff!

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    Im going to Audition soon (Just V yourself)

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