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    Kagerou Day is a manga based on a an album made and composed by Jin. The manga started in July(or June was it? ) and only has 2 chapters translated as of now. It’s set to be an anime soon aswell! I’m so stoked! I came up with making a vomic with the manga. (Dub of the manga) But I need other voice actors and actresses. OTL Hoping to go up to chapter 5 with this project. (Unless everyone is willing to go on with the project then I won’t mind. 8D; )

    ~The story for Kagerou Days ~

    “A story based on the new popular series of songs by Jin (Shizennoteki-p) titled "Kagerou Project". Shintaro Kisaragi--a HikiNEET who shut himself inside his room for 2 years--has been living his life normally until he met a cyber girl named Ene, who appeared on his computer screen when someone sent him an e-mail one year ago. One day, Ene messing up with Shintaro's PC. which cause him have to go to outside world for first time in 2 years.”

    ~What am looking for~

    • A good mic.~ Use your pop filter please or what ever you do to get it not so harsh on the ‘P’s and ‘B’s>_o Try and make background nose as quite as possible! IE Computer fans or noisy neighbors.
    • People that can read characters emotions from the manga. (That shouldn’t be too hard) :3
    • Lines should be labels as character001 (character = character you are trying for.) and should be in MP3 or WAV format please. Please Zip them up when you are ready to send them my way.
    • Please have fun and be on time! The “deadlines” are very lax. Though, if you don’t turn in lines with in 1 week after deadline, you will be recasted. (I will do my best to remind people with in that week. I don‘t wanna recast anyone if I can. >_o but since most of the characters I'm looking for are extars a week shouldn't be that bad since most extars have one or two lines. )
    • Easy going people that don’t mind helping if an error is made by my end. (No one is perfect…I don’t mean to screw up when I do! OTL )

    Please be sure to send in auditions to please. If you have any questions please post them in the thread or my email works too. Sorry if I was too vague in some areas of this thread. Not sure if I’m doing this whole audition thread thing right. @_@a Thank you everyone who wants or is going to try out! >___</

    Please try out for more then one character if you can! ;3;/

    ~Side characters~

    Shion Kozakura:
    A half-human, half-Medusa woman who was Mary’s mother. She lived in the forest with Mary, but was attacked by a human. In that situation, she used her power to turn him into stone in order to protect Mary. However, the strain on her body was too great for her to bear, resulting in her death.
    Voice type- Motherly and warm
    Line: “Mary, look anyone in the eye, and they’ll turn to stone.” “But for now, you mustn’t go outside at all, so I want it to keep raining.”


    Long hair robber guy : (emot angry ) Hey, What’re you doing?!

    Short hair robber guy: (emot diligent) 13:00 hours. It’s time.

    Black short hair robber guy: (emot mad) Wha..! Hey! Don’t movie!

    hostage guy : (emot uneasy) What…Are they saying..?

    Old lady hostage : what….Bombes?!

    Child hostage: (emot crying) whaaa….. *sniff sniff*

    young hostage lady: (emot panic) This is bad! If that kid doesn’t hurry and apologize…

    Another lady hostage: (emot worried) Watch out!!!

    Good morning lady: (emot happy) Good morning, Momo!

    TV lady: (emot happy) I saw her on TV! She’s so adorable in person!
    guy: (emot friendly) Your new CD comes out today! Are you heading to school? Do your best!

    Chatter group: (emot star struck) Uwah, is it really her? It’s Momo!! So cute! I can’t believe it’s her! Wow! I need to get a picture of this! Can’t wait to post this online.

    Momo’s Manager : (emot panic) Hello? Momo? Where are you right now!?

    Deadline i
    s Feb 22!

    Okay, I think that's all I need I hope. OTL Thank you for your time everyone! ;v;

    We only have the first two videos out. To give you an idea how it is coming together, here is the first one.
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    Will audition! >u<
    Available for scouting?: Contact me first!


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    Woop I sent in my audition xD

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    I Sent in my Audition

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    I sent in my audition

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    audition sent!
    Available for scouting.

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    Ill audition ^^ bah my shota voice why--
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    Are you not holding auditions for ene?

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    Oh wow! Thank you very much for those who sent me your auditions already! Such lovely voices all of you! ;A; Why you gonna make this hard for me to choose who gets what? ;v; Still a lot of time left for those who want to give it a shot!

    @ sheepSODA ~> Sadly I am not. I originally was only going to do the first chapter with another voice acting friend for this so I played Ene....Not gonna lie....It was way too fun and at the end of chapter one we wanted to do this with other voice acting people. So casting for 3 characters are not shown cause they are taken. I am extremely sorry! OTL

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    I auditioned-!! > u < ) //
    My youtube is: sleepydesuu
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    My twitter is: freshtsundere

    Feel free to contact me!

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