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    Out of both intense curiosity and a desire to use these effects in future videos, I would like to know how to replicate some of the voice effects from the Mass Effect games. Ideally, I would like to know how to do the voice effects for all of them, but otherwise, the ones I'm most interested in are as follows:

    Geth/Legion Voice FX,
    Turian Voice FX,
    Reaper (Sovereign/Harbinger) Voice FX,
    EDI Voice FX,
    Hanar Voice FX,
    Drell Voice FX,
    Quarian Voice FX,
    Yahg (Shadow Broker) Voice FX,
    Batarian Voice FX

    For the moment, I am limited to Audacity and Sony Vegas Pro 11 (no extra plug-ins) for my audio editing needs, so if neither of these will cut it, if someone could recommend better (preferable free) software, I'd appreciate it.
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    I'm late, but bumping this.
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    I enjoyed the Sound in Mass Effect 3 a lot, I can't tell you exactly what they used but I can give you some examples of where to start... Or where I would start. Keep in mind they not going to be right you'll have to play with settings to make it sound more like the actual thing.

    Turian Voice FX - Sounds like a doubling effect a bit, one low in the mix which gives it that hollow effect.
    Reaper (Sovereign/Harbinger) Voice FX - Pitched down, with some metallic vocal effect.
    Hanar Voice FX - Some kind of specialty reverb and chorus I'd say, probably with strange settings, maybe a delay too. Also doubles might work.
    Quarian Voice FX - Hmm a High-pass filter maybe, with a bit of distortion to sound like it coming through the mask.

    That's are how I'd approach those ones, I'm also going off memory as I'm to lazy to search them up and listen to them all Trial and errors is basically how you'll have to go about it.

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    A couple months ago I posted a similar thread on the Mass Effect Reddit, read on
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