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    O hai.

    We're developing a video game. I guess it's pretty great. The title of the franchise at the moment is "FantastiQuest" and the first installment is a 1V1 side-scrolling fighting game for the PC. Eventually we're gonna expand that into a single player campaign-style whatsit and hopefully someday even do an animated series.

    It's a commercial project, and we're a legitimate LLC and have legitimate contracts. But we're basically all college kids so we have basically no budget so instead we have a contractually guaranteed profit sharing system set up. Basically as you complete assignments you get a bigger maximum return and a bigger percentage, so faster and greater returns.

    We have two voice actors, but there's one part in particular (see below) that I'm not completely satisfied with. So I thought I'd try to hear a few other actors give it a shot to see if I can find that elusive golden nugget of greatness hidden out there. There are a few other parts that are open as well, (the lead female role listed below in particular) but this first one (Raynor) is the most important right now.

    We also need at least one voice actress to do the main female role.

    I posted some copied descriptions from our docs. They'll reference other characters you won't know about. They're pretty long, I apologize... but these aren't simple characters and I don't feel comfortable giving short descriptions of them.


    AUGUST 31, 2012.

    ----CONTACT INFO:----

    My email:
    Public FB page:

    ----OPEN PARTS:----

    Raynor Zeraph (Main character, need now)

    • Raynor seems to be overshadowed by a sense of melancholy, but has a playful side which he intentionally cultivates to stave off an abiding sense of depression.
    • He has great internal strength of character, but he tries to avoid coming on too strong and stepping on toes in order to maintain a peaceful relationship with everyone.
    • He is absolutely fearless, with one important exception — he is terrified of himself. He knows that he is far more powerful than any enemy he could face, but never unleashes his full potential for fear that he would destroy everything else around him.
    • He doesn’t make many friends, but the bonds that he does make run extremely deep. He has a deep love for his friends, and would sacrifice anything to protect them.
    • When he’s around the Baker and having fun, he really loosens up. He likes to play along with the Baker’s antics, and will usually follow his lead, although on his own, his sense of humor is distinctly more subtle than the Baker’s. He likes to play tricks on him and add commentary when the Baker’s doing ridiculous things. He also likes to break out of his calm demeanor and overreact jestingly when the Baker does something stupid.
    • He is almost never angry or upset, and always keeps a level head. However, there is one thing that angers him. If someone takes his loved ones away from him, through death or injury or capture or whatever else, he goes into a wild, uncontrollable rage and doesn’t stop until he has his vengeance.
    • The one other thing that sets him off is Jason. Jason is the ONE PERSON in the universe that knows how to press Raynor’s buttons, and it’s HILARIOUS when he does. Samantha and the Baker can’t suppress their laughter when this happens, and Raynor just feels REAL silly when he realizes that he fell for it again.
    • Both he and the Baker had no real formal human education, and learned everything from the mentors they have had. “Street smart rather than book smart.”
    • He is usually very suave and comfortable around women, although he doesn’t pursue any of them until much later on in the story. Even then, he tends to stay distant from them. He’s straight (although this is often questioned by Jason), but he just doesn’t take any interest in women very often. When he does, it never ends up going anywhere. HOWEVER, he feels VERY uncomfortable around Samantha, and never really gets used to her presence. She’s the one woman that ever made him feel that way, but she never really took notice of him romantically and of course became very profoundly in love with the Baker very quickly (and married him early on in the story). This jealousy is constantly with him, but he tries to ignore it because the Baker is his best friend, and certainly doesn’t want to upset him.

    ---- TAKEN PARTS (for now) ----

    Samantha Seren
    (Main character, not needed immediately but soon)

    • She was the youngest in a large family. Her family was very upbeat and smiley, and originally she was the same way. However, she was the child with the most promise and the most skills, so her siblings became jealous. Whenever she would try to be silly and entertain them, they would just shun her. This caused her to react in spite, and so buried the smiley part of her and focused entirely on her training in order to outdo them. The rest of her life, she keeps a straight face and rarely jokes around, despite the fact that her brain is always bursting with hilarious things to do and say.
    • However, the one thing that does bring that part of her back out is being with the Baker. After they meet, and ESPECIALLY after they marry, they are always doing some kind of synchronized nonsense for the lulz. (New addition since the original. I think it would be fun. If you’ve ever seen Baccano, there was a couple (Isaac and Miria) that was similar in that they were always being hilarious in sync, and were like choreographed together in the scenes. I found that extremely amusing. The attitude will be rather different from those two — more of them being preposterous and less of them being just idiots — but it’s still the same idea.)
    • She always seems to know exactly what to say to make people laugh, and was always extra sensitive to her siblings’ hatred. Additionally, she tends to involuntarily mimic the emotions of the people around her, even when it is completely inappropriate to do so. This is because later in her life it is revealed that she is actually a partial psychic. Once her ability is fully developed, she can only focus on one person at a time and read his or her mind, and this requires specific concentration and line-of-sight to some extent. So in combat she can only focus mentally on the person she’s aiming at.
    • She, like the Baker, is wholeheartedly loyal in her marriage commitment, but this is less of a personality trait and more of a result of her life. (BIG FREAKING ROMANTIC STORY COMIN YOUR WAY, HATERS! WHY YOU HATIN? STOP HATIN! YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT! It’s a lot, I know, but it’s pretty critical to understanding the character, as well as her relationship to the Baker. I guess you can skipsies if you want, tho.)
      • The story of her life is too long to tell here, but the result is that basically she had a lot of pain and resentment and guilt at the same time. (An important note is that her family had been massacred by a rival family when she was young, a memory she had buried.)This drove her to use opiates as a means of retreat, and while she was under the influence, she would stop caring about her sexual inhibitions and really just let whatever man was closest do whatever he wanted with her. She always hated herself for this, but kept finding the pain too much to deal with and so kept returning to the opiates, and whatever followed.
      • Because of her telepathy, and basic common sense, she knew that almost every man who saw her was either intimidated by her or wanted her, and so she had always felt that she was something very special and would only ever give herself to a man if he was worthy. However, she had debased herself so many times while using and by using the opiates that she no longer felt that she was anything special at all. She had become “just another woman in the world.”
      • As she lost her ability to have meaningful intimacy with a man, she grew less and less attached to her other moral senses. She stopped asking about the details of the jobs she was given as a mercenary, and taking jobs from increasingly questionable sources. She ended up killing a lot of innocent people. The guilt usually drives her to use, and slowly she becomes numb to it. But this all culminates in a hit on a family that had several children. She was told to wipe out the parents and eldest children, because they were suspected of being kingpins in a crime syndicate. The only one she was not ordered to kill was their youngest son. As she killed them, her numbed conscience began to revive as memories of her own family’s massacre began to resurface. She realized what she had done, and sees the last child standing amidst their bodies, horrified and speechless. In that instant, the only thought in her mind was that she didn’t want him to grow up like she did, so she killed him too. She was extremely shaken up, but habitually returned to her employer for her payment, who nonchalantly informed her that there had been a mistake and that those people were actually innocent. These are the depths she sank to.
      • When she met the Baker, she of course knew that he wanted her, but she sensed in him a love that was exclusive and that was eternal. She saw in his heart a desire to love only her, forever, and realized that she really would be special and valuable again, if only she would let him value her.
      • But she held back, for she knew he had a strong sense of justice and little tolerance for evil, and she knew that she had done many evil things. She thought she would lose him forever if she told him what she’d done and who she’d been, and she had no way to know otherwise without telling him, in spite of all her ability to read his mind.
      • In some final dramatic moment that I will surely write eventually with some unspeakable genius of timing and setting, she finally admits it all to him. At the same time, he reaches his own climactic struggle with forgiveness, realizing that, in order to love her, he would have to forgive her of more than he had ever forgiven anyone in his life. Horrified by what he hears, he pulls away from her desperate grasp, and anguished, guilty tears burn in her eyes. He envisions all she had done and feels the hatred welling up within him, surging against his faltering love for her. He even begins to eye nearby weapons as thoughts of retribution for the lives she had taken instinctually flood his mind. Ahhh but he finally forgives her obviously and they’re all happy and blah blah but LORDY LORDY that will be a fantastic scene to write.
      • Because of this worth that she once again felt after feeling worthless for so long, and the forgiveness for the deep-set guilt that had for so long eaten away at her soul, she stays with him faithfully and loves him with everything she is.
    • Not much has been decided on this, BUT:
    • She has an exuberant side to her that must NOT sound annoying or screechy.
    • When she's not in a great mood, her voice is flatter and more serious, probably also a little deeper. Maybe a little broody sometimes, a little indifferent. She's not heartless, though, so there's always some part of her that cares. That should show through. There's a lot of emotion in this girl but she's had it buried for a long time and has only recently begun to bloom again.
    • There are times when she becomes totally detached, and her voice will become cold and hollow. This would occur, for example, after a particularly dark assassination mission or while she's taken narcotics in order to escape her pain and guilt.

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    I am PLD and I approve this message. lol
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    could you post some audition lines, or should we send you an email to get those?

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    Yeah I'm working on finishing out the post and I'll include lines fer ya. But if you have any questions like that or requests for content feel free to shoot me an email.
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    If all else fails do what I do. Create a voice that you want to use and then make things up. I did that and I am working for them. lol
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    True dat XD I'll try to get some lines up sometime soon, but feel free to play with the characters in the meantime if you like and send me your ramblings.
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    Email of enquiry for Samantha sent!

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    Well there goes that part XD

    Seriously talented lady. I didn't expect to hand the part away to the first responder, much less a first-time poster, but looks like it just happened.
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    BUMP...of EPIC proportions.
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    That's how it's done. Michelle Deco's Avatar
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    So Samantha's already taken, I assume for the most part. If any other female roles become open, please let me know!

    AVAILABLE FOR SCOUTING: Original work only, please.
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