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    So on May the 12th at 1:30PM I am going to be going to an audition. For what, you ask? Well, for just about every theater company in my area. There are going to be 10+ companies looking to hire actors. For the audition I need to prepare a one-minute monologue.

    I'm trying to say away from monologue sites or books, as those are usually way overdone. I was thinking of skimming through some newer plays, but the trouble with that is I don't know of a place where they'd be readily accessible and free. I'm pretty sure my library wouldn't have any plays past 1990 XP

    I know we have a lot of actors on here, so I was hoping to get some help finding monologues and/or plays that aren't overdone.

    This is very important to me! So please, help!

    Available For Scouting? Yes! PM me ^^

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    I don't know if this helps you at all, but if I'd seen this while I was still actively performing monologues, I totally would have used it.,11473/

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