we are doing a so called “companion” mod for Skyrim and still looking for some voice-actors. That is kinda like acting for a movie. Mainly female at the moment, but we don’t close the door for everyone who is interested. We have supporting characters for both genders and I know that voice-acting communities like the characters up front – but in this modding-community it is more “being involved in a creative project” than “getting the job done” – so you can toss your hat in anyway. Seriously.

Only two demands:
- The recordings have to be clean microphone recordings (finals need to be 16/44 Wave format or equal)
- and we need voices of medium to lower range (male) and no cutie-pie voice for the females. So wonderful they are – we don’t have the room for them – and just one girl supporting character.


  • Amount is 40 to 60 pages of dialog (standard screenplay layout) – PG rating of the game is 15 (this is a PG 15 mod, but because of artistic freedom US-broadcasting rules do not apply (e.g. we have "strong language" fitting into the world - I just don't want to run later in a problem here, that's why I say this upfront))
  • We don’t work on deadlines, but it has to proceed. So, - so long you don't plan to vanish for a couple of month, everything will be fine.
  • Don’t mind accents/origin etc . Let’s hear it! Set up is a "fantasy-world", so no need to be narrow.
  • You don’t need experience in acting for mods or to know the game – Just bring on the acting we bring everything else (and did some voice-acted mods for Oblivion before and come from creative/artistic fields etc.). You only have to have fun doing it. That’s what counts!


These are the most important characters we still need to fill:



Drop me a PM, please, if you are interested and have some samples at hand (recording quality is less important for this / you can take the sample lines if you want to, but that is no must). We just need to hear you. That’s all. If you have an email address at hand that would be awesome, too.

If you have some further questions: Shoot at me!

Most asked question by the actors so far was: Will there be a romance option in this mod?
Answer: No. Only "yes" if the cast (that is you) has after 60 pages of dialog still the energy of doing another 20 pages of romancing dialog.
Let's first go onto the high-adventure and "then we can marry the player" (if you still want to).^^

Thank you for your interest, sorry for my English (it’s not my first lingua) and all best.

- Munin