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    So for those of you who are Ren'Py users, you know that it is NaNoRenO, where you try to make a visual novel within the month of March!! I thought to make my entry a little more fun, we'd have some voices! (Just the dialogue; not the narration). Since it is a NaNoRenO, I will need voice actors who will be able to send me their parts BEFORE the month is over. However, I will not be too strict on this. If worst comes to worst, I can always release a V.2 later on with the voices, but I'd prefer it if it were V.1

    So, here's the really cheesy synopsis;
    Chiharu is a girl who wishes she wasn't so ordinary. Sure, she's known to be rather crazy at times, but to her she just feels so....plain, nothing special about her. Especially in looks. She really hates the way she looks. All she wants to be is, well, somebody, and it looks like she might get the chance! Accidently stumbling upon an organization called Operation Magic Hero, she is given the gift to transform into Yuki, a dazzling magical girl who helps fight evil at night!

    Now, here are all the characters (some are reserved since I have some people in mind, but they may open up if it's turned down). All sprites are from Bass Novel (free to use resources). There are plenty to choose from! Now, most of these characters have an "alter ego" (aka they're Magic Hero self) so if you can play both their true and alter form, that'll be great, if not, that's fine, too! Just remember that if you do intend to play both, their alter ego's voice isn't exactly like their true form, so use a different range if possible. All available parts say; "(OPEN FOR CLAIM!!)" All alter-ego charries are located after all of the true form charries. Some description of spoilers, but since you are interested in the voice work, you'll need to know what's to come, right? (NOTE: Only opened characters have practice lines)


    Voice: Kokoro Hane
    Our heroine! Despite popular belief, Chiharu sees herself as ordinary and plain. She's actually a fun girl to hang out with, always joking and doing crazy things.


    Voice: Dylan Spencer
    Chiharu's love interest. He's a normal guy who's generally nice, as well as very smart (he likes to study a lot). He despises idiots and can often times be sarcastic, and take on an intimidating demeanor at times. Basically, if you don't try to step in his way and be an annoying pest, he's OK with you.
    "Chiharu, I don't have time for this right now."
    "Busy? I'm always busy, but what is it you need?"


    Voice: MeroMeroSaharade
    Your run-of-the-mill bookworm who resembles Yuki Nagato, only she has emotions and isn't an alien. As you might of guessed, she always loves to read books. However, despite popular belief, she actually only gets average grades. But that doesn't mean she's dumb; she may not do well academically, but she has street smarts!
    "Yes, I'm Arisa Shironami. What of it?"
    "H-Hanae?! D-Don't be absurd!"


    Voice: TrivialSerenity
    This dorky guy likes to think he's all that. He's charming in his own way, through, despite the fact that he's clumsy and likes to talk too much. He seems to have a thing for Arisa, who thinks he's only teasing her, but in truth he actually likes her.


    Voice: RevolverJustice
    This guy loves having attention. He's known to be a cool, popular guy, and even has a horde of fangirls following him around! He can be arrogant, thinking too highly of himself, but he still doesn't mind hanging out with the so-called "not popular" people.
    "Hey, uh, can you hide me? My fangirls are kinda getting oy my nerves at the moment."
    "No problem! I am sure you're quite honored to have me, a popular guy, at service to you, a...well, you know..."


    Voice: Maisy
    Nami's the kind of girl who'll be your cheering squad. She always pushes her friends to "aim high" and "believe in yourself". Sometimes she can have a short attention span, and won't be paying attention to you if the conversation suddenly bores her.
    "I think you're just silly, Chiharu. Just believe in yourself! I'm sure you'll find you're truly an amazing person."
    "Never give up, guys! I'm counting on you!"


    Voice: Jilly Bean
    Ruri's kind of a quiet girl. She doesn't really say much, and not talk unless spoken to. Perhaps the reason is because she's incredible shy, but she's also a very sweet girl once she opens up and you get to know her. Toshio is her childhood friend, and because of him, she learned Sign Language to be able to easily communicate with him, and often works as his translator.
    "What is it that you need?"
    "Oh, Toshio is just wishing you a good afternoon."


    Voice: menolly
    She is Ruri's non-identical twin sister. As opposed to the quiet, sweet Ruri, Seiko is loud, rude, and not afraid to be harsh, giving you the cold blooded truth. Some even call her anti-social, and she sometimes think that everyone are idiots. She can be a very frustrating person to be with.
    "What is it that you want? Speak!"
    "I would much prefer if I am left alone. Didn't you understand that when I ignored you for the past 5 minutes?"


    Voice: zeniey
    He's a bit of a loner; prefers to be by himself most of the time. He's not good at making conversation, and would prefer if people stay out of his way. He's not as rude and obnoxious as the girl Seiko, but he's not someone you wanna mess with on a bad day either. Some say he's this way because he's known to be shy and quiet, and his "defense" system is to lash out at people. He's also known to be a bit stuck up 'cause he's a rich kid.
    "People always have the wrong idea about me."
    "No, but I will become anti-social if you won't give me some space."


    A young man of very few words. Actually, he cannot speak at all. He has to speak to you in Sign Language, though sadly no one really understands it all the time, so he'll often bring a marker board to write down what he is trying to say. When he does have anything to say, anyway, and it's usually really interesting. His translator for Sign Language is Ruri, his childhood friend.


    Voice: Nightydreams
    One of the two mysterious leaders of the Operation Magic Hero. Very little is known about him, and he is not seen often. He's not the most friendlist guy, and can sometimes taunt the Magic Heroes if he feels they did not do a good job. However, he does try to push them in the right direction.


    Voice: (reserved)
    The second mysterious leader of Operation Magic Hero, Ryshula is a beautiful, sultry lady who is the one who gives out the special items that give her clients their transformation to become Magic Heroes. She's very kind, and only wishes for the best out of her recruits.


    Voice: Kokoro Hane
    Chiharu's cute and dazzling alter-ego, Yuki has the power of water and ice. Her personality is a little more shy and embarrassed, compared to her counterpart, but she still retains determination, and the wish to become truly somebody! She hopes that in this form, Keiji would take notice of her.


    Voice: MeroMeroSaharade
    Arisa's alter-ego, Hanae is an adorable little moe with black wings and the power to summon forth winds! She has an even more embarrassed and shy personality compared to Yuki (who, compared to Hanae, seems a lot more outgoing). It could be because, even though she likes being cute, that being in this skin makes her feel embarrassed.
    "Oh, umm...hello there."
    "Wait, what? You to do it?!"


    Voice: MeroMeroSaharade
    The youngest of the Magic Heroes, Daniel appears to be around the ages of 9 or 10, maybe 12, and his true form is unknown. Daniel is a very determined boy who wants to fight and get stronger, but he can be a bit of a show off. Sometimes he doesn't take his job seriously, and often times likes to goof off, which can get him into a lot of trouble.
    "Daniel, reporting for duty!"
    "Me? A clutz? Nah....w-whoa!"


    Voice: lilmenchi
    Luna has the power of light, and can send forth powerful moon-like beams to destroy monsters. Her true form is unknown, however, it might be easy to guess who this girl is; she likes to be everyone's cheering squad, pushing them to do their best! Early on in the series, you find out it's Nami.
    "Is Nami the same? Heh, you caught me. Guess I was a bit too obvious, huh?"
    "How about you fight that boss, and I'll cheer from behind!"


    Voice: king and lord of pie
    This young man has the power to manipulate shadows, and can spray forth avid and control fire. He has quite the intimidating demeanor, and when he talks, he seems rather creepy. Shockingly enough, his true form is Toshio, the guy who cannot speak.
    "Heh. Why do you think I like taking this form? It's the first time I've actually been able to speak."
    "Let's see how that bastard does against my ACID SHADOWS!"


    Voice: MangoGamer
    Takehito shows up later on, and his true form is currently unknown. He used to have long hair, until Yuki said he looked like a girl. He has the power to freeze things, and lower the temp around you, so you feel freezing cold. He's generally a nice guy, but appears a bit distance, disconnected. He seems to have a thing for Yuki. And, ooh! A spoiler....(in the end, we find out his true form is Keiji).
    "You can call me Takehito. It's nice to meet everyone."
    "Hey Yuki, there's something I need to talk to you about. Would you please follow me so we can talk in private?"


    Voice: Dr. Orochi
    Daishiro's alter-ego, just like in his normal form, he's still arrogant and thinks he's all that, as well as goofy. However, this trait seems to INCREASE when he's in this form, and as always, he shows his affection for Arisa's alt, Hanae, and as always, she still thinks he's just messing with her. His powers; putting people to sleep, hypnosis (for confusion), and telepathy.
    "You are correct, I am Daishiro. I'm even more stunning than my usual self, wouldn't you say?"
    "Pfft. I have no idea why Suguru is my twin. I'm obviously the better looking one."


    Voice: RevolverJustice
    Despite not being related in real life, Suguru is like Ginjiro's "Magic Hero twin". His true form? The ever so popular Asahi, who is as arrogant and goofy as Daishiro (only he has fangirls). No wonder they ended up as twins! His powers are the same as Ginjiro's.
    "I'm kinda glad I'm unrecognizeable to my fangirls. They can be a bit overbearing at times."
    "Hmm... I wonder why I'm not to well liked here?"


    Voice: Jilly Bean
    Shinju, Ruri's alter-ego. Very formal and mature, but still a very kind and sweet girl, minus her usual shyness. She's a bit more bold in this form, and is more apt to speaking her mind. She has white wings and has the power of light mixed with wind.
    "Ah, so you're new among us? Then welcome."
    "Let us be the beacons of hope that defeat these terrible threats in the night!"


    Voice: menolly
    Even as Magic Heroes they're sisters, but this time, INDENTICAL! The only difference between Seiko's alter-ego and Ruri's is that Shinobu has black wings, and her powers consist of darkness mixed with wind. She hates being mistaken as Shinju, and still retains her rude personality, though it seems a bit toned down.
    "You think I'm Shinju? Ack! It's just like it is everyday, and we don't even look the same in our true forms! Can't you see?"
    "I swear, I'm gonna drown that monster in a pit of darkness!"


    Voice: Dazed
    What a fitting alter-ego for a known to be stuck up jerk. Jirou becomes a Nekojin named Naoya, and his powers are the ability to run really fast, leap high in the air, and land on his feet. He actually seems more of a jerk in this form than his true form, perhaps because of everyone making fun of him for it.

    Couple other characters......

    Keiko = Dazed
    Kentaro - menolly

    "Just 'cause I take the form of a Nekojin, DOESN'T make me a weakling."
    "Guys, quit laughing at me. You're enjoying this too much."

    That looks like all of it! As you can see, you have PLENTY to choose from! If you have multiple ranges, feel free to do multiple parts! I hope you all have fun. For interest, just reply to this thread or PM me, and I will reserve the character for you. I am trying to get actors quick, so I will have auditions open 'till the end of this week; The 17th.
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    hmm so many to choose from XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maya1990 View Post
    hmm so many to choose from XD
    LOL I know! It looks like a lot more when I posted it. However, that's why I highly recommend people playing both forms of their characters.

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    The story seems simplistic enough, but interesting enough to retain my attention, I look forward to it. And I love the look of the characters, especially the clothes, very nice variety and style. I'm interested in voicing Keiji (I just bought a new Mic, which I'll get in the next 3 days) and possibly his alter ego, I am curious though, what kind of voice range you're looking for and how his alter ego's voice should differ?

    Edit: I'll probably send a lesser quality (or at least try with my old Mic, it's stupid sometimes) recording sometime tomorrow when I have a bit more free time. And I'll probably resend another recording when my new Mic arrives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickywoo View Post
    The story seems simplistic enough, but interesting enough to retain my attention, I look forward to it. And I love the look of the characters, especially the clothes, very nice variety and style. I'm interested in voicing Keiji (I just bought a new Mic, which I'll get in the next 3 days) and possibly his alter ego, I am curious though, what kind of voice range you're looking for and how his alter ego's voice should differ?
    Glad it is interesting despite it's simplicity!

    As far as the voice range, I like to leave that up to the auditioner. I kind of imagine a somewhat medium low, or medium high, for his regular teenage self, and as far as his alter-ego...well, I imagine it a bit higher, or perhaps same range only he sounds more formal I guess? If you want, you can send me the same lines with the ranges you think will fit, and I can decide from there.

    If you'd like, feel free to send the auditions now, but when we get to the real recording, use the new mic ^.^

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    Will audition soon! To echo the above comments, there are so many characters to choose from! haha.
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    Demo reel:
    Skype: avery.smithhart


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    I look forward to your audition! Technically, there are only 13 characters if you mash the ones with known alter-egos together, but with their "other self" it sure multiplies them!

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    bumping~ c:

    Sayuri Maebara


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    sent in my auditions! <3 good luck with this, it seems really cute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ★menolly View Post
    sent in my auditions! <3 good luck with this, it seems really cute.
    Received, listened, and replied to ^.^

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