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Thread: [PROJECT ZELDA] The Legend of Zelda: The Anime Series [CLOSED] CAST LIST POSTED!!!

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  1. #1 [PROJECT ZELDA] The Legend of Zelda: The Anime Series [CLOSED] CAST LIST POSTED!!! 
    We are CLOSED!! [Cast List is up!!! =D]



    Link: Scott Oka

    Runner's Up: Jack G, Drew Goodwin, Sammy Sakti, Phillip Alvavos, Issei S,

    Zelda: Carol Clarke

    Runner's Up: Krystal Thaworntira, Viru Con, Karley Tufo, Tiffany Kambeer, Kate Clarke,

    Ghirahim: Culam Hunt

    Runner's up: Eric Haugan, daniel Jordon Jack G.

    Demon King: Daniel Jordan

    Runner's Up: Serjah Eltohli, Robert Cossyleon, Calum Hunt, Kenn Nystrom

    Gaepora: Calum Hunt

    Runner's Up: Calum Hunt, Robert Cossyleon, Eric Haugan, Daniel Jordan

    Impa: Christina Strumos

    Runner's up: Merideth Lord

    Gaera: Merideth Lord

    Runner's Up: Lindsay sable

    Grannie: Calum Hunt


    Hylia: Erica Sheikhooni

    Runner's Up: Elaine McCullough

    Fi: Erica Sheikhoooni

    Levias: Kenn Nystorm

    Runner's Up: Daniel jordan, Robert Cossyleon, and Calum Hunt

    Volvagia: Robert Cossyleon


    Buuchi: David Bodcher

    Runner's Up: Daniel Jordon, Robert Cossyleon, Calum Hunt, jack C.

    Mochi: STephanie Mo

    Runner's Up: Neko Luca, merdeath Lord

    Mocca & Chino: Neko Luca & Meridieth Lord

    Runner's Up: Kristen Archer

    Jas: Stephanie Mo

    Runner's Up: kristen Archer, Merideth Lord


    Dar: Daniel Jordan

    Unia: David Bodcher

    Nor: David Dobrev

    Arun: Dan Stein

    Adona: Julia Abbadini


    Ledd: Eric Hagan

    Kortz: David Dobrev

    Zinc: Robert Cosyleon

    Lagmite & Colba: Lindsay Sable & Lindsay Schinder


    Allia: Sephanie Mo

    Koral: Emily Koch

    Reef: Jorge Rodriagez

    Kelp: Christina Stromos


    Ruedo: Karley Tufo

    Cap'n: Sammy Salti

    Skipper: Jack G.

    Captain mondutsu: Robert Cossyleon


    Xiv: Rip Elliot

    Esus: Lindsay Sable


    Nolan: Robert McMannus

    Mal: Lindsay Sable


    Merica: Daniel Jordan

    Sheik: CJ Williams

    EPISODE - 1 - CAST:

    Egalus: Robert McMannus

    Owlen: Daneil Jordan

    Sparrot: kenn Nystorm

    Cawlin: Robert Cossyleon


    Orielle: Stephanie Mo

    Kenarme: Lidnsay Sable

    Pippin: Giancarlo Danubio

    Finch: Eric Haugan

    [Epilouge Characters]

    XXX: Elaine McCullough

    ######## ##### : Krystal T

    @@@@@@ 1: Sakura Li

    @@@@@@ 2: Jack Gelione.

    @@@@@@ 3: Giancarlo Danubio

    @@@@@@ 4: Kate Clark

    ******: Sam Chin

    "?????": Eric "Fuzzdog" Hagun

    ZZZZ: Gavin Jediston

    Addtional Voices: David Dobrev, Carol Clarke, Dylan B, Robert Cosslyeon, Jack G, Karley Tofo, Emily Koch, Kate Clark, Issei Shokatsu, Elaine McCullough, Sarrus, Drew Goodwin and Max Dante as Gand

    Additional Concept Art Style for the series: Kikwi:

    Here is our channel where we have Episodes, Music,etc,

    Trailer 1: Coming Soon

    Trailer 2: Coming Soon

    Launch Trailer: Coming soon

    For this audition If you’re Local, we will want to see your performance. So e-mail us at in the subject line write: Zelda Anime Audition –LOCAL-
    We will then e-mail you directions to where you will audition for us.
    For those not local:
    Send us your audition in an Mp3 HQ Clear sound. You will need a good Mic, if not, you can always barrow one.
    -Example of how audition Lines are sent: LastName_Firistname_ChararcterName_Line#.Mp3
    Read the lines, and check the references if you want. Send your audition to in the subject Line, Type: Zelda Anime Audition – INTRNASH-

    MAIN: In no Particular order of appearance

    Name: Hylia
    Age: Unknown
    Voice type: Medium
    Vocal Reference: Very ethereal voice, would prefer a British accent, listen to the Narrator:
    Bio: Her grace of time, the goddess known as Hylia was created by the old one’s or to who she calls her “mothers” who gave her the job of protecting The earth and all of its creations form harm. Sometime after she inhered the golden power, She entered into a fierce war with the ultimate evil. She then set a few plans into action. Plans that affect everyone in the present…
    Line 1: “I am the goddess Hylia. This is but one Legend of how the earth came to be. My mothers, The old ones Din with her force of Power created the earth. Nayaru with her breath of Wisdom created Law on the earth, and Farore giving her Courage to create Life on the earth. Once they were done with this simple job they have left the earth and created a powerful relic. That Relic is simply called The Triforce.”
    Line 2: “I fought valiantly saving the humans and hiding the golden power. I Looked into the future and knew what I must do. By Sealing the beast I knew this wouldn't end, So I set something into motion, Legends about me where past down. My Only Regret in this matter is that I won’t be able to witness the Demon Kings true demise. This legend has been pass on to generations of your kind. But Like all legends You have been chosen to engrave your own on this world...”
    Line 3: “The Fate of your destiny begins now, Chosen one.”

    Name: Link
    Age: 20
    Voice type: Medium
    Vocal Reference: (these two actors are who we visualize as this incarnation as Link/the first hero) here is one example: and here is the other reference: (00:33- 00:44, 2:05-3:05)
    Bio: A Young boy orphaned at the age of Ten. Link become best friends with a young girl name Zelda. They soon developed a much deeper relationship. Link being part ladies man, and Part Day dreamer, He spent his day’s wanting to become a knight to impress Zelda and ask her out on a date. Link always felt he was out to do something good, but he just didn’t know what it was until that day…
    Line 1: “(yelling) Zelda!!!”
    Line 2: “I should of known it was that jerk. He always picked on me, just because he likes her. I have had enough of his bull!”
    Line 3: “Don’t you ever do that to me, again!! Jesus I could have been killed.”
    Line 4: "a treasure chest huh? its not like some monster is gonna come out of nowhere and kick my butt, right? (monster falls form the sky) OH, Come on now!"

    Name: Fi (her name is pronounce Fae)
    Age: thousands of years old, looks 18
    Voice type: medium - High
    Vocal Reference: very sing song but monotone. (when she says "burn the house down.)
    Bio: The spirit of the goddess sword which will one day turn into the legendary blade of evil’s bane. Fi is very logical think of a mix between Spock and Data from star trek. She also knows lots about people, and sometimes takes things to literately. She does seem to “open up” to Link. She has a sing song monotone voice.
    Line 1: “Link, Don’t be scared. You have all the power you need. You are destined for greatness and grandeur. Remember don’t fear the darkness, use the Light in your heart, you’re Courage will guide you.”
    Line 2: “Not yet Master, you need to use the tablet.”
    Line 3: “No, Master. But I am here to help you out.”

    Name: Zelda
    Age: 20-22
    Voice type: medium-high
    Vocal Reference: (5:52-6:00, 6:15-6:23)
    Bio: Daughter of Gaepora. Zelda is very independent, strong, kind, and has a mischievous side to her.
    She does hold a very special place in her heart for Link, and lately seems to be acting a bit differently, Wonder what’s wrong….
    Line 1: “(fake worrying) Oh No’s! You can’t feel Moto? Maybe me and Miya shall help you look!! I know, let’s go to the sky docks and see if we can spot him from there.”
    Line 2: “Where do you come off Groose? Link’s a student like the rest of us, he’s a human being you douche bag! One day you’re going to get that ugly head of yours in deep trouble!! Now, if I make myself clear tell us where you hid Moto.”
    Line 3: “Link? Want to go for a private ride? Just there is something I need to tell you.”
    Line 4: "sorry...I'm so, so, sorry Link. I Never Meant To Drag You Into This Mess...Everything Is All MY Fault."

    Name: Gaepora
    Age: 64
    Voice type: old deep medium
    Vocal Reference: Something along the lines of either this: (00:21) or this: (00:02)
    Bio: The Headmaster of the academy, And Zelda’s father. Gaepora is a man with so much knowledge about his ancestor’s its scary. A Kind gentle soul he has a very funny laugh, and seems to know a lot more then he lets on. He also carries around an old green book that he seems to add to…
    Line 1: “Oh nothing, I just heard some commotion and seeing you two fighting each other. I See you two are going through a lovers spat.”
    Line 2: “So, We finally have everyone. Are we ready to begin?”
    Line 3: “See why not? You Know the Loftwing always come down for all first year students. Aye, I remember you and Link where part of the early ones that year. These birds are the goddess’s Gift to us. But Link’s Crimson Loftwing, was a brilliant surprise. We all thought the Crimson’s were extinct, and we know that once a Loftwing picks you. You and your Loftwing will be each other till the end of your lives. That bond is as important as love, and life itself for us here in the sky.”

    Name: Groose
    Age: 19
    Voice type: Deep-medium
    Vocal Reference:
    Bio: Link’s rival and school bully. Groose has had a crush on Zelda as long as he has seen her. His jealously with Link has caused him to well…Be the biggest Butthead you could ever meet, but little does Groose know, he has a role in the events that are about to transpire…
    Line 1: “Heh, So Like I was saying fella’s, We took that puny Butthead’s birdie and he will have to back out of the race. So then Zelda can be all mines. “
    Line 2: “Shut up Link! You know what I don’t like about you? The fact that You are trying to get my girl Zelda! Just cause you grew up with her, you think you can do what you want with my Woman huh? What makes think you can-”
    Line 3: “Hey Butthead! When I beat you, I hope you make like a Tree and scram! oh and Zelda? Um... Don’t wait up for me hot stuff. hehehe.”

    Name: Geirahiem
    Age: unknown
    Voice type: medium, medium-deep, Medium-High
    Vocal Reference: a hint of a Celtic accent if possible, but very flamboyant and always enunciate the word Fabulous. Another reference is Pegasus form Yu-Gi-Oh, with a more flamboyant persona.
    Bio: A Sadistic Malice Demon Lord of the surface, There is nothing that seems to turn this guy on then bloodshed. He seems to be after Zelda for a mysterious Reason that’s unknown to us and to Link…
    Line 1: I Shall Drag that carcass of yours for the ride of your pathetic little life, but I don’t have time for you, I cannot sense the girl anymore. You won by a technicality this time, boy.
    Line 2: (breaking up, going crazy) Here me my hordes! Do not let that insignificant bastard get near here. The Master’s rebirth is nearly complete. The ritual needs a little more time, and I do not care if you end up at the end of his blade. Buy me enough time! Now!!
    Line 3: What a pity, a shameful boy like you, needs a Fabulous Spanking, see these hands? How delicate they can be darling, for your death, will be my joy. (break into a cackle)

    Name: The Demon King
    Age: Younger then Hylia, Unknown
    Voice type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: Scottish accent [west coast, Edinburgh Accent prefer.] should sound very frightening and dominated. Or watch the only good thing of Disney’s the black Cauldron, The Horn King! Or Tony Jay/ Frollo from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre’ Dome.
    Bio: Stone cold leader of the demon tribe, the Great Demon King is the embodiment of Evil itself. Coming deep form the earth’s core, and able to trick the goddess of Power Din, this demonic Master is said to even conquer time itself. He is after the legendary Triforce to shape reality and all in his own image. He has a bit of a sadistic messiah Complex, and a Huge Ego to boot. He also has something to do with A Certain young woman, but why?
    Line 1: Intriguing, you have sought to stop my rebirth into this world while the once divine goddess takes on a form of such horrid taste. I can see why she lowered herself to such…a Human level.
    Line 2: HAHAHAHA it’s curious of how such a small noble youth, thinks you can stand against me, I have conquered time, space, and all the relevant things of existence, I AM Power, people used to tremble beneath me, and while I cut your throat, and let you bleed for this act of yourself righteousness. If you want to be a fool, then fine. Hero of Time, Face me!
    Line 3: Once I destroy you and your kind, I shall make the world mine. Reshape reality, reshape the whole Universe, and then the goddess can do nothing…. For my essences shall be reborn again and again, and again. Let’s see how you fair against me, Human!

    Name: Impa
    Age: 25
    Voice type: Medium-Deep
    Vocal Reference: mysterious, tough and powerful. [00:33 - 00:36]
    Bio: A Mysterious Sheikah she shows up everywhere with Zelda. Did she kidnap her? What is her problem with Link?
    Line 1: Hey! You want to see the girl right? This way, follow me.
    Line 2: So you’re the chosen hero? You got to be kidding me. You look ridiculous, and you don’t even know how to use that sword of yours. Why did she pick a stupid child like you to do her bidding is beyond me.
    Line 3: Link, Thank you for what you have done for me, I am forever in your dept. We Sheikah honor our code and promises.

    Name: "Grannie" / Old Woman
    Age: Unknown
    Voice type: medium-Deep
    Vocal Reference: typical old woman voice. Very wise.
    Bio: an old Sheikah woman she looks to be in her 60-80’s. She seems to know a lot about Zelda, and seems to know more than meets the eye…
    Line 1: Oh yes, your tall friend has been helping me, you have such a wonderful friend Link.
    Line 2: That monster is an abomination, an imprisoned dealer of death, you must seal the beast at all cost young man.
    Line 3: You remind me of someone I knew once long ago.

    Name: Buuchi
    Age: 2500 years old.
    Voice type: Deep-Medium
    Vocal Reference: While the Kikwi have High pitch voices Buuchi is the complete opposite.
    Bio: The leader of the Kikwi tribe, Buuchi is an amazing mustache,
    A Fair and wise view on the world, and has a gift to bestow our young hero,
    also he seems to have some connections to the Forest, some say he and the forest are more then one…
    Line 1: Aw, you found my children of the Kikwi. Thank you my tiny friend for finding the rest of my tribe.
    Line 2: Oh, a Girl? Well, I have seen a female version of you my friend. She was with someone; they made their way to the skyview temple. I warn you though, please do be careful.
    Line 3: Human, What is your name?

    Name: Gaera (Gay-Ra)The Great Fairy of the Lake
    Age: 25,000
    Accent: British
    Voice type: Pure and seductive
    Vocal Reference:
    Bio: The so called “queen” of the Fairies, The great fairy of The Lake lives with the Parella, She also seems to be holding onto something…
    Line 1: Hello young warrior, I Don’t think I’d ever seen anything like you before. What are you young warrior?
    Line 2: Oh? You need something from me to find a certain someone? Well, I’d be happy to help you but you must do something for me…
    Line 3: You found it! A Place that I Can call home. Thank you Link, you have my deepest thanks, how about we, will, Come and see me sometime later, Link.

    Name: Levias
    Age: Old as the earth and time itself.
    Voice type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: A Deep John Hurt almost voice. Very wise, pure, and BIG.
    Bio: A Giant Wind fish, that is also a sky deity, He is as old as the goddess himself and claims to have met, and know them on more of a personal level…
    Line 1: Fate, young one is a very fickle thing.
    Line 2: I could tell you young one, where the location of goddess is, but what will I get in return?
    Line 3: Well now, young one you have indeed proven yourself to me, I guess I can sing you the key to open the gateway.
    Line 4: "the hero of time. The Goddess of Time. and the demon lord of time itself, these are your link. may the goddess have mercy on your soul."

    Name: Dar
    Age: 56
    Accent: any
    Voice Type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: with a bit of a sturdy edge to it.
    Bio: Dar the tribe leader of the Gorons meet’s our hero,and has him help his tribe. In return Link becomes to Goron’s very first outside “Sworn Brother”. Dar also is a powerful warrior, unlike most Goron’s he carries a giant “megaton” hammer.
    Line 1: And Who, you might be, strange warrior?
    Line 2: I hope you find your special friend Link. This woman must be very dear to your heart.
    Line 3: you have proven yourself quite worthy to my tribe Link. I hereby break tradition and start a new one, from here on out you are our Sworn Brother! Welcome to our family.
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  2. #2 Re: Legend of Zelda Anime Series [Open Casting] 
    Name: Karname (Ken-Arm-Eh)
    Age: 21
    Accent: Any
    Voice type: medium-high
    Vocal Reference:
    Bio: the “Super-hot-popular girl” at Skyloft’s Knight academy, she is very intelligent, but seems to have her head in the clouds and she seems to be thinking about a certain boy…
    Line 1: “Oh, Like, Hey there Link. Oh, Have you seen pippin?”
    Line 2: (Giggles)
    Line 3: oh Pippin, How I love him so. Please Link, you must tell me why he’s with her!

    Name: Pippin
    Age: 23
    Accent: British accent (west londoner)
    Voice type: Medium
    Vocal Reference: If you can sound like Troy Baker’s Nagi Springfield form Negima! Then you pretty summon Pippin up a little.
    Bio: A chivalrous young Knight who is considered to be a “nerd”, He has a big crush on someone, but who can she be?
    Line 1: “Link, Guess who knows where Moto is? Tell him Finch.”
    Line 2: Link, What is her problem?
    Line 3: No, no Karname you don’t understand. I was tutoring Orielle for her knight courses.

    Name: Finch
    Age: 18
    Voice type: medium-high
    Vocal Reference: For Finch just try putting yourself in a situation where your scared and nervous.
    Bio: Link’s roommate, Finch is quite scare of everything.
    Line 1: “I-I’m Soo Sorry Link. But Groose told me that I didn't help him, he wouldn’t put a good word in for me, for Orielle. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.”
    Line 2: M-Myra! Um…what are you doing here?
    Line 3: Link, where are you going?

    Name: Orielle
    Age: 18
    Voice Type: high-medium
    Vocal Reference:
    Bio: one of the youngest Loftwing tamer’s in skyloft Orielle is a free spirit, who wants to be a knight. She usually hangs out with her best friends the popular Karname, The Adventurous, yet easily jealous Myra.
    Line 1: (giggling)
    Line 2: Oh Pippin, Thank you so much for your help today. It really does mean a lot to me that you’re helping me.
    Line 3: Link! You owe me, and Morgana one free ride. You promised me!

    Name: Ledd
    Age: 26
    Accent: any
    Voice Type: medium-deep
    Vocal Reference: very Jazzy and Con Man like.
    Bio: A Mysterious Mogma that has a soft spot for things that go BOOM! He’s also the leader of the Mogma Tribe.
    Line 1: BOOM! Hahaha that’s why I love bomb flowers, why this treasure boy’s is for the best of us.
    Line 2: Oh hey there Pal, I know your mad at me for tricking you but I kept up my end of the bargin, right?
    Line 3: Gorons! Why did it have to be those rock eating bastards?

    Name: Owlen
    Age: 54
    Accent: none
    Voice type: Medium-deep
    Vocal Reference: a wise almost owl like voice.
    Bio: The Vice-Headmaster of Skylofts Knights Academy, He is Gaepora’s second in command…
    Line 1: “Today is your final test to become knights and also the 25th anniversary of the Skyloft Academy. We have this year our own headmaster’s Daughter Zelda Playing the role of the Goddess.”
    Line 2: “Now, the goal of this test is to get the Loftwing Stature form Lindney. Whoever gets the stature gets to conclude the Ceremony with our Sky Goddess. So on My Mark!”
    Line 3: “You three boy’s, We're going to have a nice little chat about cheating, and about some other things you have been doing.”

    Name: Myra
    Age: 23
    Accent: Any
    Voice type: medium-High
    Vocal Reference: think of an older Maxy whitehead.
    Bio: One of the few female Knights in skyloft, Myra is smart, strong but she has some issues, she also seems to have feelings for a certain man…
    Line 1: “Oh, Link. We really got to stop meeting like this.
    Oh come on buddy. It was just a joke. So where are you heading?”
    Line 2: “Ouch! Watch who your bumping into....”
    Line 3: “Must be off running to Zelda, really? I seriously think she’s going be the death of him.”

    Minor Characters

    Name: Carwin
    Age: 18
    Accent: Any
    Voice type: high-medium
    Vocal Reference: he sounds in the game at least kinda like stitch, so a little “stitch” like.
    Bio: Cawrin is one of Groose’s Lackey’s out of the two of them, he is the smart one.
    Line 1: “Hey! Who are you calling a cheap goon?”
    Line 2: “Right Groose, you’re so great.”
    Line 3: “Right Sparrot?”

    Name: Sparrot
    Age: 19
    Accent: Any
    Voice type: Medium-Deep
    Vocal Reference: Kinda do a bit of the cliché idiot but your own style of it.
    Bio: one of Groose’s lackeys he’s the dim witted one of the two…
    Line 1: “Yeah, yeah. We got Link good this time Groose. You’re the Best. No one beats Groose.”
    Line 2: “Um...boss b-behind you!!”
    Line 3: This pumpkin Soup taste really good.

    Name: Mocha & Chino
    Age: 16
    Accent: any
    Voice Type: high
    Vocal Reference: (listen for the pichu bros, smoochum and Teddyursa)
    They sound like "Boo" form Monster's Inc.
    Bio: the twin Kikwi’s Mocha and Chino area hyperactive bunch. Mocha being the older twin is the clam one
    while her twin brother Chino is the scared one,but will do anything to keep his older sister happy.
    Line 1(Mocha) : Chino, come on out I don’t think this monster will hurt us.
    Line 2(Chino) : Mocha! It’s a big scary monster! Run!!!
    Line 3(Mocha) : Kwee? You’re the one who saved us? Thank you.
    Line 4(Chino) : Koo? A-are the big scary Monsters gone?

    Name: Mochi
    Age: 18
    Accent: any
    Voice Type: high
    Vocal Reference: (listen for the pichu bros, smoochum and Teddyursa)
    Bio: A Kikwi with a scared sence, but a good sence of direction, so good in fact, that He sometimes forgets where he is.
    Line 1: AAAAH! A-are you going to eat me? If so, please get it over with quickly.
    Line 2: Kwee? Your not a monster? Well then…what are you?
    Line 3: Koo. At last I don’t know any Zelda’s is that what you are?

    Name: Jas
    Age: 19
    Accent: any
    Voice Type: high
    Vocal Reference: (listen for the pichu bros, smoochum and Teddyursa)
    Bio: cunning, Jas is Buuchi’s daughter, she usually uses her camouflage to hide herself. But latly things have been going strangely…
    Line 1: Thank you Link and Fi.
    Line 2: You came here to help me? Thanks but I need to find my father, maybe you can help me.
    Line 3: kwee-koo, I see you!

    Name: Zinc
    Age: 23
    Accent: Any
    Voice Type: Medium-Deep
    Vocal Reference: has a brooklyn jazz up voice. Think rafael form TMNT with a bit of some “flavor”.
    Bio: a smart Mogma Digger is just like his brother Ledd, minus the whole Trigger Happy personality.
    Line 1: Yo, bro! Are you sure we can use this Link-guy to, you know. Help us get the Gordons Treasure?
    Line 2: I don’t like this Ledd. Not one bit.
    Line 3: Bye Link.

    Name: Colba & Lagmite
    Age: 22
    Accent: any
    Voice Type: medium-high
    Vocal Reference: any jazzy flavor you have in your mind.
    Bio: The sisters Colba & Lagmite are Part of Ledd’s gang, Lagmite the smarter of the two usally speaks for both and gets interupted by her sister Colba, a lot…
    Line 1(Lagmite) : Zinc you think Ledd is telling the-
    Line 2 (Colba) : Truth? Maybe this guy can’t get us the treasure for us.
    Line 3 (Lagmite) : Good Bye Link good luck finding your girlfriend.
    Line 4 (Colba) : Aw, Don’t you think it’s romantic, Like how you like Ledd?

    Name: Kortz
    Age: 32
    Accent: any
    Voice Type: Medium-Deep
    Vocal Reference: accepting, stern, but charismatic.
    Bio: The last Mogma of Ledd’s gang, he seems to not really be into stealing things, ironic for being part of a thief’s guild …
    Line 1: Hey! Ledd what’s that thing?!
    Line 2: I don’t think he can help us with the Gorons.
    Line 3: g’luck Young Man, I hope you find your friend soon.

    Name: Arun
    Age: 42
    Accent: none
    Voice Type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: none
    Bio: Arun is the second oldest Goron and Dar’s right hand man. He is very much the warrior he claims to be…
    Line 1: What business do you have here?
    Line 2: Dar are you sure we can trust him?
    Line 3: Good luck finding who you’re looking for, Brother.

    Name: Unia
    Age: 54
    Accent: none
    Voice Type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: none
    Bio: Dar’s wife, she is very loving and supportive, while she’s not a fan of human’s, Link seems to change her mind…
    Line 1: Nor, where’s Dar?
    Line 2: Are you sure to make him a ‘Sworn Brother’?
    Line 3: I Hope you find your girlfriend young lad.

    Name: Adona
    Age: 24
    Accent: Any
    Voice Type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: none
    Bio: Arun’s Daughter, She wants to become a warrior, while everyone thinks that’s weird, she doesn’t mind…
    Line 1: Hi there little Human, my Name is Adona I see you met our patriarch Dar. He’s been helping us to protect our rocks form those Mogma’s.
    Line 2: Dar, are you sure this little human can help us?
    Line 3: Good luck on your adventure Link, someday I will become a great warrior like you, next time we meet I promise I’ll be a lot stronger “Brother”.

    Name: Nor
    Age: 22
    Accent: none
    Voice Type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: sounds like a younger version of Dar.
    Bio: Nor is Dar and Unia’s Son. Raised as a warrior, He has his father’s outside thinking and his mother’s Care.
    Line 1: I don’t know Mom; I think he’s helping that little human.
    Line 2: Get away from here you Mogma’s!! Stop stealing our rocks!!
    Line 3: I Hope I will see you again little “Brother”, come and find me sometime when you want to become stronger.
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    more to come in, update: finished working on the first few episodes.

    Name: Ruedo
    Age: thousands of years old, looks around 24 though.
    Accent: any
    Vocal type: medium-high
    Vocal Reference: intelligent, a bit seductive, and dirty.
    Bio: On the hands of her Grace, Ruedo is one of the few shiekah living in once a paradise but because of actions that only she knows but won’t say has made this desert her home. She’s seems to think Link is an intruder, or possibly a lover. (she’s a bit crazy to)
    Line 1: What?! You are real, are you?
    Line 2: A Friend? Well I hope she ain’t prettier than me hon, that would make me upset.
    Line 3: Well, it gets so lonely here sometimes, But I protect this land. Oh, looks like you found a time crystal.

    Name: 0016-LSS / Cap’n
    Age: 1.21 thousand years old
    Accent: any
    Vocal Reference: think of a short optimus prime combined with a high sea’s sailor.
    Vocal Type: medium
    Bio: the last ancient robot to come off the line. He was program to take care of the boats and ships in what was once known as a beautiful bay. Once activate he seems to just go about as usual. He thanks Link for activating him.
    Line 1: huh? Are you the young Human to restart me?
    Line 2: Thank you young Human
    Line 3: Aw, where was I, oh yes. The Sea, she is calling to me again.

    Name: 001-L0Z/Skipper
    Age: thousands of years old
    Vocal Type: high
    Vocal Reference: very dual with others, someone who is very much in Love with one person (Fi) and calls out on Link, mainly through jealous reasons. (Think of a jealous Blair form Soul Eater)
    Bio: A Robot that has a crush on Fi, and doesn’t really give a crap about Link. Mainly he’s Jealous of Link for having Fi.
    Line 1: Number 001-L0Z on duty, but mistress Fi you can call me Skipper, and who’s that thing right there?
    Line 2: Fine Master floppy-pants, what do you what this time?
    Line 3: Anything else you want me to do Mistress Fi just call.

    Name: Volvagia
    Age: 2000 years old
    Vocal Type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: Jamison Pierce from the Count of Monte Criscto: Gankutsuou
    Bio: a once powerful dragon, he is the dragon of fire, who falls under a powerful spell by Geirahim.
    Line 1: You have awakened me from slumber ,who are you?
    Line 2: Blasted Demon you cannot…..I Won’t fall under your spell…
    Line 3: Dar…Kill…Me!! NOW!!!!

    Name: KLR-015 / Captain Mondustu
    Age: 1.20 thousand years old
    Vocal Type: Deep-medium
    Vocal Reference: Think of a dreaded robotic Pirate.
    Bio: One of the last KLR bots off the line, He spent his time stealing, kidnapping and other pirate deeds, but he has stolen something that is to help our brave hero.
    Line 1: Argh! Who goes there?!
    Line 2: You won’t be stealing my treasure Boy!
    Line 3: A fight to the death mate! May only one of us survive,

    Name: Koral
    Age: 32
    Vocal Type: medium-high
    Vocal Reference: caring, aquatic with a bit of trusting issue.
    Bio: the “Queen” of the Parella tribe she has Red coral sticking out of her head in the shape of a crown. Koral isn’t too trusting, to know if Link is friend or Foe.
    Line 1: What are you?
    Line 2: I am Koral Queen of the Parella’s it is an honor to meet you Link.
    Line 3: I’m sorry about your friend maybe Gaera the great fairy can help you.

    Name: Reef
    Age: 16
    Vocal Type: medium
    Vocal Reference: childish, explosive energy for a Parella. Think Michelangelo from the old TMNT series.
    Bio: the youngest member of the Parella’s he seems to be the only male in the pack. He seems to be interested in Links hat for some odd reason…
    Line 1: PARTY!!! Hello there, Ms. Koral, I mean you’re highness, and who be these weird looking Parella’s?
    Line 2: A Human?! Never though I see one of your kind, you look funny looking….Can I wear your hat? It looks awesome!
    Line 3: oh you want to find mistress Gaera? Well follow me! I was just talking to her but be on your best behavior, she’s kinda well…just be good.

    Name: Kelp
    Age: 28
    Vocal Type: medium-high
    Vocal Reference: Aquatic, soothing, a bit annoyed when Reef enters the room.
    Bio: Reef’s older sister she’s strict but very caring. She thinks Link to be a nuisance at first.
    Line 1: Reef! What are you doing in there?!
    Line 2: I’m sorry, Link was it? Reef can be well… random; He was attack by a weird creature in the cavern a while back, that or he’s becoming more annoying than ever.
    Line 3: Link! What are you doing? Get away from that!

    Name: Allia
    Age: 22
    Vocal Type: high
    Vocal Reference:
    Bio: the second youngest Parella, Allia is curious about the world, but is very faithful to the Parella traditions.
    Line 1: What’s your world Like?
    Line 2: You came from the Sky Link?
    Line 3: aw, that sounds so romantic a man looking for his woman, sounds like a real love story.

    Name: Nolan the Pumpkin Bar Keep
    Age: 45
    Vocal Type: Medium-Deep
    Vocal Reference: southern man, with when it comes to Mal is bit over protective.
    Bio: An over protective father of his young daughter, and Bar keep of the Pumpkin Isle bar, and Pumpkin Isle.
    Line 1: what in tar nation are you coming from, boy?
    Line 2: You better not be talking to my daughter Boy.
    Line 3: You want to help me pick up pumpkins? Well you’re just getting a head of yourself.

    Name: Mal
    Age: 18
    Vocal Type: High
    Vocal Reference: seductive, Lazy, sneaky.
    Bio: The daughter and waitress of the Pumpkin Isle bar, she’s lazy and will use her charms on men to do her work for her. Unfortunately this brings the side effect of lots of young male suitors, but her charms don’t seem to work on Link for some reason.
    Line 1: Well Howdy there stranger, what do you want?
    Line 2: How about we get out of here while my old man isn’t look and we can spend some quality time, if only you do a certain task to really win me over.
    Line 3: What?! Why aren’t any of my charms working on him? This can’t be happening, every man has fallen under my spell why not him?

    Name: Moblins
    Age: ranging from 30-45
    Vocal Type: ranging from High, Medium, and Deep
    Vocal Reference: kind of a goofy sinister growl.
    Bio: Thousand of minions made from the darkness of Geirahim’s own “soul”.
    Line 1: (growls, and ‘barks’)
    Line 2: ( Zombie moan)
    Line 3: Raaaaaaawr!!!

    Name: Merica
    Age: Older then Impa, looks like an old woman in her 80’s.
    Vocal Type: medium
    Vocal Reference: Tired, old, but full of power.
    Bio: The elder of the Sheikah Tribe, what she says goes. She has been training an apprentice, Sheik for a long while.
    Line 1: Ruedo, You have broken are cardinal rule by marrying this outside, you and your family shall be cast down, by wandering through the desert for all eternity. One male shall be born into your bloodline every one hundred years, this is your fault.
    Line 2: Not for marrying an outside that’s only the tip of the iceberg, she abuse the time crystals, interfered with a civilization when she was not suppose to, even in war, its Taboo to go off the straight and narrow path that the gods laid for us Sheik.
    Line 3: Remember that, my young Apprentice.

    Name: Sheik
    Age: looks around 18 years old, a few hundreds of years old.
    Vocal Type: medium
    Vocal Reference: a bit of a pacifist in his voice but very proud of his tribe.
    Bio: Sheik the younger brother Impa, He is the apprentice of the Sheikah Elder Merica. Proud of his heritage and being groomed to become the next leader of the Sheikah Tribe, his fate has some interesting repercussions for the future of his tribe, and all of the races….
    Line 1: But Master, did you curse her entire family because she married an outsider or is it something else?
    Line 2: Yes Master Merica, I shall.
    Line 3: I have a feeling that darkness hasn’t been fully sealed.

    Name: Xiv
    Age: the same age as Girahim
    Accent: Celtic
    Vocal Type: Deep
    Vocal Reference: just an angrier darker version of David Tennant.
    Bio: Geirahim’s brother, was killed during the war, he is a hot-headed "hulk-like" Demon. While he doesn’t get a turn on by mass murder like his brother and sister, he is loyal to Girahim, maybe to the point that he would sacrifice himself to keep his brother alive.
    Line 1: Are you two really going to act like this? Humans are weak things, worthless, and only good for being toys.
    Line 2: That goddess is going down. I will see to it, even if I die myself.
    Line 3: Hylia! I Xiv of darkness challenge you to get away from Our Master!!!

    Name: Esus
    Age: appearance is that of someone mid-20’s early 30’s.
    Accent: Any (prefers Scottish)
    Vocal Type: medium
    Vocal Reference: seductive, board, spitefully dark
    Bio: The only surviving sister of Xiv and Geirahim, She died in the war with the Goddess. She is evil to the core like her brother Ghirahim. There is some twisted attract between the two. Esus loves humans calling them broken toys and loves chaos. Before she passed away she gave Ghirahim, a gift, something that he holds dear to him to this day.
    Line 1: Oh dear Geirahim (breaks a dying little boys back in two) I just broke my new toy. You think you can get me a new one? These Humans break to easily, I am so getting board.
    Line 2: I have something for you Dear brothers, this red cape looks great on you Xiv and for you dear brother Ghirahim, this is for you. I hope you enjoy it.
    Line 3: It’s the end of the world as these toy’s knew it, and I’m loving every juicy moment of it. I love my new toys.
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    The unkown one... Kaja.tan's Avatar
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    USA, Vermont
    you are like my favorite person ever for doing this. I will have to audition!

    ^ First demo reel! ^

  5. #5 Re: Legend of Zelda Anime Series [Open Casting] 
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaja.tan View Post
    you are like my favorite person ever for doing this. I will have to audition!
    thank you I am a huge Zelda fan and this is will a HUGE Project, can not wait to get your audition. I have lots of good concept art and I think you will and any Zelda fan out there will definitely love this.

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    What about those who don't live in California at all, such as myself?

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    But where's the rum? Dazed's Avatar
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    Sent a couple auditions.
    Forward Momentum's BUBBLEGUM CRISIS RADIOPLAY ~ as Nene Romanova
    ONCE UPON THE END ~ as Rostalla
    Cindy Pondillo's A HAUNTING AT CLIFFHOUSE ~ as Nan
    SON OF THE PHILOSOPHER AUDIOBOOK ~ as Venus, Swan, and White Fox
    Whim Independent Studios' SELATRIA ~ as Chieftain [Game in Progress]
    Talawa Games' PEPPY PALS ~ as Rabbit
    NOVA: SYNTHESIS CREATURUM ~ as Queen Voya ​[VN in Progress]
    Ondayo's ATAXIA ~ as Noir [Game in Progress]
    GJ BU FANDUB ~ as Megumi



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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo'sCoast View Post
    What about those who don't live in California at all, such as myself?
    It says what to do in the first page my friend.

    "For those not local:
    Send us your audition in an Mp3 HQ Clear sound. You will need a good Mic, if not, you can always barrow one.
    -Example of how audition Lines are sent: LastName_Firistname_ChararcterName_Line#.Mp3
    Read the lines, and check the references if you want. Send your audition to in the subject Line, Type: Zelda Anime Audition – INTRNASH-"

    @Dazed I got your auditions! thank you very much.
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    Update: Moblins have been added folks.

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    I'm not local. but I do have theatre experience. And can't I just package all the lines in one mp3 for convenience?

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