Thread: [Rosario + Vampire] "Snowstorm" cover (English/JP lyrics x'D)

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    I heard this song earlier today thanks to a good bud and I had to try singing it :B. Was sort of torn between doing it at the original pitch and 3 half steps down, but in the end I went with the lower one \ o / I'll save dat higher stuff for another small upcoming covahhh.

    Yeahhhh, I switch to Japanese lyrics after the first chorus heheheh.
    Little messy on the Japanese pronunciation during singing I'd say, sorry about that OTL.
    Hope you enjoy!


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    Your voice is so nice~! :33
    I loved every second of it~~~

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    *cough*mar...*caugh*ry...*caugh* me...*cough*
    How sexy can a voice be? xD
    I'm sure this makes all your fangirls scream or faint or stalk you!
    LOL, you are so toasty!
    It's a calm, cool, epic and super er...*cough*otic...*cough* voice that you have. *___*
    You sing with so much passion and OMG your talking at the beginning gave me the chills. xD *facepalms*

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    I plan on doing a cover of this song too, except in full Japanese.

    That being said, I REALLY love your voice and singing style. Words can't express how much I love this cover of the song.

    Sazaku on LoL. Add me


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    What a sexy voice

    So glad you covered this song and that I showed you it.

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