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    Alright, so uh....I actually made this last November, and posted it on youtube, In fact it was my first attempt at writing English lyrics and singing. However, I forgot to post it here for whatever reason :l Unfortunately I still can't find a proper instrumental of the song to re-record this with, but oh well. Also according

    What else.....uh....Soul eater is awesome 8D?

    Original Song: Diggy-Mo - "Bakusou Yume Uta"
    English Lyrics written by myself

    Comments and Constructive Criticism always welcome!
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    Pretty good! I like your voice and your lyrics. The only thing I can nitpick is the delivery of the lines. I know this isn't hard rap, but I felt you could have been more attacking on your lines in order to give the song a sharper feel to it. I may be in the minority here, but there's my unflitered train of thought for ya!

    Excellent work : )

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    Wh-whoa! *blinks at song* This is so awesome! ^__^ You have a really good voice, and it's hard to believe this isn't Diggy-Mo singing this song in English x) But I do agree with Mailorder... some lines were hard to hear, so next time try to 'attack' the lyrics and pronounce more owo;; All in all this is epic desu! *virtual highfive*

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