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    We could in theory also add that Perry doesn't care whether an innocent person is given Capital Punishment. The reason I say this is that a man by the name of Cameron Todd Willingham. He'd been convicted of starting the fire that killed his three children, however the state later felt that the arson case had been doubtful. The reason being that the lighter fluid used as an accelerant was found to have been added later when the fire crews were hosing the house and knocked the bottle over from the BBQ. Combine this with the Fire Marshall retracting his statement. Because Perry had been governor in 2004 when Cameron was executed by lethal injection, he went on to block the investigation into whether Texas for the second time in 15 years, had executed an innocent person (Carlos DeLuna was found to have been innocent after the Courts reviewed the evidence against him (Which was circumstantial) after he was executed in 1989), by replacing 2 of the three board members who then closed the case to protect Perry and the State from a wrongful death lawsuit by Cameron's family.
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    I believe my view of US politicians would be very biased, as all I really end up seeing here in Denmark is his extreme anti gay-marriage ideas and his infamous "Strong" ad. Man, that video kills me with a burst of extreme ignorance every time. Oh well, I can most certainly assure both you guys, AND myself that I would NEVER vote for him. Hell no. From what I've read in this thread, he does sound like the fucked man I've associated with him thus far, but if anyone feels differently and can argue for their position, feel free!

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    please do not ask me about my political beliefs, mainly cause I could argue all sorts of things that I believe in, that would never go over well with Congress overall.

    back on topic. I think Rick Perry is somewhat of an idiot, and somewhat way too out in left field. Like Ron Paul, except at least Ron Paul makes sense. However, Ron Paul also goes WAY out to left field with his logical explanations.

    I really don't expect the Republican party to even be able to get reelected due to their unwillingness to compromise.
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    I think Rick Perry is severely misunderstood; however, I don't think I'd want him as my president either...
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