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    Ghoul'd evening everyone! In celebration of Halloween, zombies have come forth to join you in this celebration of fandubbing and gore! Hope you have a good one! And be sure not to get your hand bitten off when giving candy...

    Watch it!

    (Download link (Megaupload))

    Youtube Link: [ame=""]Part 1[/ame]

    [ame=""]Part 2[/ame]

    Castlist (In order of appearance)
    Takashi Komuro: RubedoKukai
    Rei Miyamoto/Child Rei: S h u d o - R a n m a r u
    Hisashi Igo: Dusk-Requiem (Kieran Thomas Flitton)
    Female Teacher: Magic Kaito (WITH A SPACEBAR)
    Student Walla: Contributing Voice, YingFaStar, True_Blue, Mindychan, Magic Kaito, AmreeTakahara, The Pawt, KOS-MOS
    Kid Takashi: Camarilla
    Saya Takagi: Mindychan
    Miss Hayashi: batgirl
    Mr. Tejima: True_Blue
    Old Teacher: TheFuchsNoir
    Classroom Teacher: The Pawt
    Announcement: Contributing Voice
    Kohta Hirano: McTricky
    Shizuka Marikawa: crystal
    Girl Student 1: lightofhope18
    Girl Student 2: ChibiSirenity
    Toshimi: Ishtar
    Misuzu: batgirl
    Coach: The Pawt
    Male Student: Contributing Voice
    Zombies: Everyone. And they're on your lawn.

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    =D I love this!

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    Came out really well. I really enjoyed watching, and can't wait until I get to play my main part in the future. I hope to have a better review later, but I will say you and Shudo sound great! Dusk just had a strange audio quality that didn't quite match either of yours, but the acting was top notch on all three of you. Everyone else, played their parts great! I also really loved loved loved Mindy as Saya, and batgirl as her Misuzu to my Toshimi ^^

    SFX and mixing were great! Sometimes gross, but of course that's kinda the point :p
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    A lot of fanworks I can't sit and watch the whole way through (even with a stellar cast), but this one kept me glued to it. The main three (Ruby, Shudo, and Dusk) played tremendous emotions for such high powered scenes. Shudo was a terrific Rei, although I didn't care for Rei's character in the 1st ep. I'm excited to see Shudo as Rei in episode 4, however.

    All of the extras did great -- the zombies sounded demonic and frightening!

    Mixing: Great volume on the lines, none that went "hot", even with the screaming. When Rei was calling the emergency line, it was difficult to hear the operator. The music could be bumped up in the first half because it felt a little lacking with all of the action and emotion flying around the place. Good use of high quality sound effects.

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    I am at the brink of crying right now.

    I watched the first episode with some of my friends over the summer and I couldn't get to episode 2 or beyond because I almost vomited. Watching this again, a small tear rolled down my eye because it was so sickening (probably because I relate all anime that I see to the real world too much, but that's just me) and it got me wondering this: Am I going to be alive tomorow and what is yet to come? Is this really going to happen; a dream you can't wake up from?

    The voice cast is what caught my attention. Some VA's I worked with and I wanted to hear their voices again. And if their performance got me to the brink of crying my eyes out, then they won everyone over.

    It was very emotional and dramatic. Very Well Done to You All.

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