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    I have recently been working on the first episode of my original radioplay, SEND JON. I don't have much time to get this done. I have no problem extending the deadline, once the due date comes, for anyone willing to commit to such roles. Please keep in mind that this is a series, with full episodes, and I will keep in touch with whoever lands a part. I don't like changing cast members and it makes it easier.


    EPISODE ONE SUMMARY: Jonathan Way wakes to the sounds of struggle. He goes to investigate, making the discovery of his life. A rather intimidating girl is found standing over a dead body.

    For more information, visit the semi-official site:! <--No PLAGIARISM!!! That would be...wrong.


    (Major Characters)

    Jonathan Way
    Age: 18
    Traits: Logical thinker; assertive with his opinions and ideas. He doesn't care much for social connections with other kids his age. he doesn't preform well under pressure and often fidgets nervously.
    Voice type: Medium/Medium-Low
    Played by: AnarkyFox

    Age: Unknown
    Traits: Outgoing and outspoken, more so than Jonathan, and enjoys being active. She often smiles and finds it hard to stay serious (unless she is hungry or in a big fight with someone).
    Voice type: High/Medium
    Played by: S h u d o - R a n m a r u

    (Minor Characters)

    Claire Way
    Age: 42
    Traits: Strong-willed and strict. She likes a clean and quiet house. Interpret her how you'd like.
    Audition Line: Medium
    1) "I was on my way to the grocery store when I realized something horrible...I forgot my coupons!" (somewhat serious; meant to be humorous)

    Jenna Marks
    Age: 18
    Traits: Down to earth and intelligent. She is one of Jonathan's only friends and understands him better than most. She's basically the female version of him.
    Audition Line: High/medium
    Played by: Cydonia


    Male Victim
    Line 1: "What do you want from me? (pause) Take all I've!" (in a nervous way)
    Line 2: (scream in pain)



    + Zip all files into .ZIP, please.
    + Charactername_username_line (Ex: JonathanWay_authortkh_line01.mp3) <---I prefer .mp3
    + Send your lines to

    I'm really, really looking forward to hearing them!
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    Revised script is now complete!

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    I'm willing to give it a shot. It'll take a bit though. I just got home from work

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    Quote Originally Posted by i.heart.usagi View Post
    I'm willing to give it a shot. It'll take a bit though. I just got home from work

    That's just great! I'll be looking forward to it whenever you are able.

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    Bump. Bump!

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    One more bump.

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