Hello guys! I've recently run into a bit of a problem and was wondering if anyone had any insight to this. I'm an Adobe Audition user for recordings, but for some reason my old ASIO4ALL driver file became corrupt so I had to re-download the newest version of ASIO.

I'm on Windows Vista, and I used to be able to record no problem while running other applications in the background, (etc. reference videos/youtube vids for matching lip-flaps during dubbing) but now if I try to record with another audio-using application running in the background, I can't hear any recorded sound I made.

I've looked this up but according to the ASIO4All people, the driver only runs correctly when there are no other audio-using applications (including Youtube), but I used it just fine several times in the past.

I also tried just running off the Audition Windows Sound to see if I could get sound, and I did, but my recording sounded awful, far more buzz than I'm used to. (I'm using a Samson CO1U). I also tried Audacity and received lots of buzz again. ;_;

If you're an Adobe Audition user with ASIO4All, how are you able to record while watching video to match lip-flaps? Is it just working for you? Are there specific settings you're using? Are you using some sort of other driver or something? Or have I just been crazy these past few years? Because it used to work just fine!

Any help much appreciated!