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    The first in a set of three (Three Songs, Op. 45) by Samuel Barber, "Now have I fed" was translated from Gottfried Keller's original poem by James Joyce. The piano accompaniment, as with many of Barber's art songs, is sparse, leaving the voice very much alone and sometimes in stark contrast (the "ah" of "amen" is an A against a G#, for example). Though tonally unstable, it remains melodic and tunable.

    This recording was done during a voice lesson (in preparation for my recital a month later), so the audio quality is not the best. Unfortunately, the last few measures of the piano accompaniment are cut off since it was just a run-through. And apologies for the poor diction.
    This song doesn't showcase the true fullness of my voice, nor much range. I hope to record more performance-ready pieces in the next month or so.

    Barber: Now have I fed and eaten up the rose
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    Running time: 1:35
    File size: 3.7mb

    Now have I fed and eaten up the rose
    Which then she laid within my stiffcold hand.

    That I should ever feed upon a rose
    I never had believed in liveman's land.

    Only I wonder was it white or red

    The flower that in the darkness my food has been.
    Give us, and if Thou give, thy daily bread,
    Deliver us from evil, Lord, Amen.
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    Wow, you say this doesn't show much of your range, but this amazes me.
    It's a very haunting tune and I see what you mean about it leaving the voice alone and in stark contrast. It's an interesting piece and you deliver. I'm sure you'll be great in the recital!


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