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    Golden Time Lover
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP 3
    (a song covered by Y. Chang)

    MERRY DESIRE. It took forever, but it's done.

    So, I've met a ton of new people this year.

    I dedicate this to the idiot baby bitches who will never be pro.
    I dedicate this to the facepalm-inducing good-for-nothings who fail to grasp the idea that yes, professional standards for VAs DO exist.
    I dedicate this to the trolls.
    I dedicate this to all the talented kids with lots of promise.
    I dedicate this to The Music Meister.
    I dedicate this to The Glasses Gang.
    I dedicate this to good fandubs.
    I dedicate this to the amazing singers and musicians.
    I dedicate this to all the amazing people on this forum who inspire me.
    Most of all, I dedicate this to the crew who have taken me in with the utmost patience and made these last several months, my first foray into VAing, into the awesome experience it's been. You know who you are.

    There you have it, my 1000th post. I'm probably gonna make adjustments later when it's like, not Christmas. ENJOY!

    PS And I dedicate it to Bladeblur, since he got me all hyped about this song and lots of miscellaneous J-POP goodness. Thank you for the music!

    Adaptation, Vocals, Editing
    Y. Chang

    Original Artist - Sukima Switch

    Failure concentrating, body/motor responses hesitating
    Soul/ego shaking, blur between daydreams and awakening
    Loss of control and perpetual sense that luck and light are fading
    No more ruminating, shake the strife off your life or keep on waiting
    That's my situation, can't escape 'cause to run is degradation
    No expectations, still I fight to bite temptation
    Got to be brave as I unenclave/find the prize is my fixation, I'm
    Still holding onto my pride
    Is this the shine of a wine-toasted victory
    Or is it just a sad bitter sigh of defeat?
    I'll take it either way
    If fate is just a play
    I'm tying the strings up starting today
    Sound the chime, golden time
    Steal perfection in its prime
    Take your place, poker face
    Ready for the race
    I will choose to refuse the illusion and shatter the nightmare
    Faking tame, pressure game
    Win or lose it's all the same
    Pay the fine, border line
    Hapless to divine
    If there's any how many and when will these games find an ender
    What's the last thing I want to surrender?

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    Omg yay, you finally did it!!!!

    Edit: I fucking love this <3

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    Okay, everyone should stop singing because this song beats every song cover posted in this section of the forum.

    Excellent work, Y. Chang.

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    Oh my god, this is amazing

    EDIT: I couldn't stop imagining a backstreet boys video (or Arron carter)
    Last edited by Antfish; 12-26-2009 at 02:29 AM.

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    OMG!! I hope one day to get up to your level of singing awsomness!! You're so good you should be a special guest at an anime convention!!>w<

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    I got 37822 points!


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    :/ why are you a good singer but a bad allen

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    Everyone else fails at writing lyric adaptations forever.

    Flipping epic, man. I love this.

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    Probably my favorite song by you, Y.Chang. The lyrics are espcially considering how wordy this song is. I love the chorus.

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