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    Me reading one of The Joker's monologues from Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke". Enjoy!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Mark Hamill - The Killing Joke[/ame]
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    That was really amazing, man. Seriously, you've got some real talent with this voice. And the monologue is so deep into the core. I see where Nolan got his influence.

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    Simply Amazing
    Well done on the whole voice


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    That was amazing...

    You gave the same charisma Mark Hamill would give to that line. Epic job!
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    Oh. My. God. D8
    Your acting and voice for that was like... perfect. O_O
    YAY DEMO'S~! 8D

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    Really, really good! Your tone for a lot of this was spot on and there were some really high points that stood out in this performance, so major kudos!!

    From a critiquing standpoint and looking at this as a monologue, I would definitely say that it lost a little steam in the middle though. Since you're carrying people from point A to point B through your delivery, they need to be able to follow all the moods and information that you're presenting them so that when they come to the end, the whole thing makes sense together. It wasn't so much that your particular deliveries were bad or the voice was off, simply that a little more variety in volume and pacing might have accentuated those changing moods and stories that we needed to follow.

    Also, at the very end, I would have loved to hear him even more manic when he's trying to laugh at the situation, just because it is such a bizarre place to come to after a monologue like that. But that may be more of a matter of personal interpretation.

    That being said, this was an otherwise strong delivery of a very challenging monologue - great job!
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    Bumpidity bump.
    My Youtube channel for reference.

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    You were dead on with the voice. Very impressive.

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