Thread: You'll never guess what I found in my Step-Dad's office closet!

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  1. #1 You'll never guess what I found in my Step-Dad's office closet! 
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    No Skeletons in this closet, infact, my step-dad collects toys and action figures (mostly G.I. Joes. Comic Book stuff like Marvel Legends and DC Universe figures and other cool stuff)

    And today while helping him set up a couple figures, I laid hands on Four Bags...Four Plastic Zip Lock bags FILLED to the brim with the old Gundam Wing 6inch figures, and when I say Gundam Wing, I mean like, Wing Zero, Wing Gundam, Epyon, Tallgeese 1, Leo, Space Leo, Altron, Shenlong, Deathscythe, Sandrock, Heavy Arms. and all their Endless Waltz Counter Parts and Kai forms.
    But thats not all! It also contained a 10 inch Turn A Gundam (Die Cast Metal), Gundam Alex, and a few other robotic goodies.

    I will get pictures up as soon as possible, this is a collection to be shared
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    A fantastic reason why one should regularly clean their closet out. Who knows what memories are to be uncovered.

    That said, this is really more something that one should put in their livejournal, blog method of choice or other social networking site that might be preferred. There are many members of the VAA all over a myriad of networking sites, so you can definitely find your friends there to share such information. That said, I'll be closing this.

    I'm gonna rock your body 'til Canada Day.

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