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    So, the boy wants to give me the downstairs game room to turn half into my recording space. It's a lot more spacious than my current recording area and will annoy the roommates a lot less.

    I went downstairs today to try out the acoustics. The room is off of the garage. . .so you know what that means. Hard. surfaces. EVERYWHERE.

    The room echos like an empty auditorium. It's awful. I have a little booth that I've made and a reflexion filter, but I'm not sure if it'll do the job. I haven't moved the recording equipment downstairs yet, so I can't say for sure (i have to finish cleaning the room out.)

    So, I'm thinking I can either pad up my booth more or add some treatments to the walls. I can't afford acoustics foams right now, so I was thinking egg crates or some quilts to just soften the sound.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?
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    You could make a Portable recording studio for not all that much money, if you haven't already.

    Quilts along the walls seems otherwise to be a good approach. Old clothes could work, too.
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    1) Open all windows.

    2) Close door (if it leads into any wide open hallway or area)

    3) Fill room with anything soft, carpeted, or otherwise not completely hard to the touch

    4) Place cork tiles/ area rugs behind computer/mic with velcro strips (My fave part, I did this!)

    If it worked for me in a cinderblock dorm room with a hard floor and metal door, it can work for you :3
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    I ripped all the shelfs out of my closet and covered the walls with blankets and stapled pillows to the celling. Works Great.

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    The first recording we did in the booth.
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    possibly the CHEAPEST way to do so its go get a heavy blanket, or just a really soft ,thick one

    attach one side to something higher up (much easier if you have a 2 level computer desk) and then extend it to a point behind you (the back of your chair if you sit while VAing) allowing the sides to drape down a small distance away from you, so you kind of create a little blanket-tent worked well for me but you have a slight heat/movable area problem doing so
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    I have tried recording under a thin but fuzzy blanket, and it seems to diffuse echoes pretty well.

    And I wouldn't recommend opening a window unless you want others outside to hear you, or you want to hear all the noises from outside. if you have curtains over them, just remember to keep those closed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exdevlin View Post
    I wouldn't recommend opening a window unless you want others outside to hear you.
    That seems to be more of an issue with how comfortable the VA is with others hearing their recording process, because as harsh as it is to say, you just CAN'T get nearly as far experience-wise if you hold a shyness for others being tuned in to what you say.

    I live in a dormitory setting, so even if I had my windows closed, people in the hall would DEFINITELY still hear me, so I figure "Why not let anyone else out there know too? XD". By now it's all become so commonplace, the only time people get annoyed with my voicing is if it's late and they want to sleep, which is perfectly understandable because I should have been done before then anyway.

    Privacy can be a concern to some degree, yes, but VAing does NOT allow very much for shyness.
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