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    Hey everyone,

    I'd like to take a minute to introduce the VAA Producer Blogs.

    While the Social Groups were an unexpected addition, and everyone at the forums being so hotdamn eager to create the groups for their production studios, I was not really thrilled to have all those groups around, as mentioned in this particular thread not too long ago. But I guess I lose to you guys on this :p

    What I really wanted to share is an addition to the forums that will keep the audition forums cleaner and allow members to discuss the actual projects with the producer. Not via email, not via instant messenger, but via the VAA Producer Blogs.

    If you have a project going on the VAA and would like to manage it on the forums, but not spend time deleting PMs, or write emails or use the rather limited and spammy Social Groups (that have forums now if your group have more that 10 members, I think), you may apply for a blog at the VAA as a producer.

    If you want to make a personal blog, then this isn't really the place for it. Keep it related to your projects.

    It is possible to have multiple categories (and sub-categories!) in your blog, so do not worry if you have multiple projects you would like to manage. Forum members can subscribe to your blog via email or RSS; meaning that as long as they're subscribed to your blog, you don't really have to send out reminders, now do you?

    PM Erica the following if you would like to apply for a producer's blog:

    • Link to your active projects

    That's all. We want legit producers here, not people who make 30 second boredom demos.

    If this goes okay, maybe I'll allow for VA blogs as well (featuring people who are actively pursuing a pro career.), but for the sake of project management, try the blogs. Auditions are still to be posted in the Audition forum. Advertise your blog in your signature!

    With this, and allowing Social groups for studios, we hope to bring the community together a bit more like this. Or at least get members involved with producers some more, without spamming the regular forums.

    Thanks for reading.

    Blog Guidelines: Please, no posts about life and relationships and cookies. These are Producer Blogs, here for you to keep members/subscribers up to date about your projects. This is also where you may make announcements regarding your projects or schedules.

    Blog title: Please use your studio name in your blog title if possible.
    Categories: Make it easier for yourself and learn to use categories. It is possible to create sub-categories! There's a limit to 20 (sub-)categories.

    • Audition announcements (link to the audition thread)
    • -Cast reminders (about lines, scripts, whatnot)
    • Project completion announcements (link to the project thread)
    • Asking for feedback about projects and ideas
    • General project news and announcements
    • Hiatus/availability updates

    Not Okay:
    • Real life stuff that's irrelevant to your projects/producing activities.
    • Bitching about other members or projects
    • Quizzes
    • Polls

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    I'm the admin that gets PM'd for this. Sorry if I don't get to it right away. Life happens.

    Pretty much on an indefinite hiatus.

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