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    So, a bunch of people who were participating in a cause they believed in OFF the air are getting fired even though they didn't mention it at all on the air. This goes on while political commentary is a daily part of the news cycle (sorta like the water cycle, get it?) I mean, main stream news does it all the time! And I'm not talking about just Fox News (which is obviously the biggest commiter of the crime) but all news. This is silly.

    What this comes down to is the publics self-implosion and the end of privacy by our own hands. We create material online that is used to sacrfice ourselves upon the altar of public scrutiny. It's insane! We're letting ourselves have it by both blaming ourselves for being human and ruining the lives of the innocent while the most public figures in soceity are commiting the same sins themselves. It's outrageous don't you think?
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    Liberal fascist.
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