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    Harro =D. I was just thinking about something. I know lotsa artists and they all have their own way of doing art. Define your art style and way of working.

    Name: TamTu Bui
    Style: Mixture of realistic western comic book style with mostly animé influences.
    Inspired by: Nomura Tetsuya (Square Enix Char designer) and Joe Madureira (various comics. X-men, Battle Chasers)

    Materials: 0,3mm leadholder/mechanical pencil, 0,5mm black fineliner for inking, Wacom Graphire II tablet

    Software: Adobe Photoshop for CG. Desperately trying to learn Painter and Open Canvas. XD

    Your turn.

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    Name: Peter Odlaug

    Style: Mainly abstract

    Infulences/Role Models: Van Gogh, Matisse, Renoir, Kandinsky, Claus Oldenburg, F.L. Wright, a whole slew of others.

    Materials: Acrylic paints and brushes on canvas, wintergreen oils (for transfers), xerox copies, 0,3 mechanical pencil, 6B-6H lead pencils, charcoal, black ink and pens of various widths, copper plates, colored glass, black and white film, N65 Nikon.

    Software: Mikriotech scanner and digital camera. Adobe photodelux for touch-ups. Photoshop (when at school computers).
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    Name: Brittney
    Style: Abstract, Macro, Realism, working on manga..

    Materials: Cannon Powershot A70 (for now), .5 mechanical lead pencil, .2 wooden pencil, Acrylic paints...

    Influeneces: Contemporary artists, modern photographers, CLAMP, Da Vinci, Demas... how 'bout them apples!

    Software: Suckage on a Stick. Otherwise known as PhotoStudio.
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    Name: Fatima

    Style: A cutesy- manga style.

    Materials: Pencils, watercolor pencils, Pigment inking pens, paper, watercolor paper, tablet, mouse.

    Influences: Several manga-ka such as Obata Takeshi, Arina Tanemura, Toshihiro Ono, ect. ect., as well as several amateur artists.

    Software: Mostly I use oekaki, ComicWorks, and open canvas, and I hope to get better at using Adobe photoshop ^^
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    x. Kate Peters .x Miki-Chan's Avatar
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    Name: Miki-Chan

    Style: Oft times anime/manga style with various personal touches. I've also been working on realism.

    Inspired By: Miwa Ueda (Peach Girl), CLAMP, Christy Grandjean, Heather Kyoht Luterman

    Materials: Average #2 or Soft pencils, RoseArt colored pencils (better than Crayola!), 1.0mm graphic marker, copic sketch markers, prismacolor markers

    Software: MSPaint, OpenCanvas 1.1, beginning Photoshop
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    Name: Radiant Paws

    Style: Freestyle. I think it's a mix of manga/anime, and something else I can't distinguish.

    Materials and software: I only use pencils, pens and colored pencils...if anyone respects that.

    Inspiration: TV and the strange fantasy pictures in my head.
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    Let me Sig you. lirifox's Avatar
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    Name: Doa

    Style: Ranges from realistic-anime to super cute shoujo-anime. Also, landscape painting and the such, plus photography.

    Inspired by: Toshiro Ono, The Artist of "Vagabond", the artists and photographers on deviantart I know.

    Materials: #2 Pencil, inking pencils, water color pencils, paints, camera

    Software: Photoshop 7.0 and Open Canvas 3+
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    Name: Aimi (... no really, that's my real name. ^^ Not disclosing last name, tho)

    Style: shoujo-manga, definitely. can do real-life drawings too

    Inspired by: CLAMP! Yoshitoshi Abe, Fujiko Fujio (creator of Doraemon), Ai Yazawa etc etc etc...

    Materials: mechanical pencil (0.5 mm), Wacom Intuos II (tiny 4 x 6"), Pigma Micron pens (assorted widths), crowquill pens/ink

    Software: Adobe Photoshop (gotta love academic discounts), Illustrator, and Deleter ComicWorks (using this most of the time now)

    um.. yeah, those are my specs. ^^

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    I haven't posted any of my art work but..

    Name:: Mallorey

    Style:: Not quite sure how to explain. Probably rhe mature chibi-ish anime style. People say that if I ever created an anime the art work would look like Gravitation. EEP! XP

    Inspired by:: I can NEVER remember people's names. I love CLAMP, the artist of the Utena movie, and Naoko Takeuchi.

    Materials:: PrismaColor markers and colored pencils, mechanical and regular pencil, permanent markers (YES...don't laugh), oil pastels, and black bold pens.

    Software:: Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and 7.0. And I suck at it >&lt;
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    オヤシロさま Bebichu's Avatar
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    Name: Joly
    Style: Anime, Western animation -- now attempting a crossbreed of anime-realism (Nomura style!)
    Inspired by: Koge-Donbo (Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten), CLAMP (Mostly CCS), cow (Yukyu Gensokyoku), artist of Sister Princess, Kanan (artist of some DGC doujinshi)
    I'm now trying to do some realism and anime -- Nomura's KH style and Hyung Tae-Kim

    Materials: 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, regular pencil, a pen (I forgot what it's called), paper, brains, rock, stone, Wacom Intuos

    Software: Adobe Photoshop 6, OpenCanvas, Painter
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