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    I have this nasty habit of ripping out my toe nails. Sometimes I manage to completely rip out my pinky toe nail. the others to the quick and sometimes they bleed. =/
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    sure i'll do a few:

    1.I bit my nails and skin when i was little
    2.i moved my arms in a weird way when i was little
    3.i sometimes cough in my mouth

    2 out of 3 of these i dont do anymore.
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    I'm a male tsundere...that explains so much Capo Mezzoforte's Avatar
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    apparently being socially inept.
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    I've been on hold, in terms of VA work, for awhile now.
    I am currently doing script work, and planning on doing some VA work later on.
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    I act like a cartoon character when I'm happy, and I talk best to small groups of people (like groups of 3 or 4) rather than large groups or one on when I'm with small groups, I can be witty and comfortable and stuff, but with one on one or large groups, I'm too petrified to think of anything to say. T.T;
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    Here's a few:

    1) I make sure to rinse 3 times (no more, no less) after brushing my teeth. (No, I don't have OCD, but I often wonder why I do it...)

    2) When I go out to my car port, basement or ANYWHERE new...I look around frantically for spiders or bugs. (Just to be safe~)

    3) I'll randomly stare blankly or mindlessly wander around the house. (As a writer, when I get an idea I tend to think intensely about it and forget what I'm doing~)

    4) Before grabbing silverware or dishware to use, I always check for spots, etc. (My Grandma used to live with us and she had poor vision, so when she used to do the dishes...yeah, I'm scarred for life, LOL!)
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    I have a few that I feel comfy talking about...

    One: I tend to pace a lot, though it seems more like I'm just wandering around.
    Two: I monologue. Then again, what aspiring voiceover artist doesn't?
    Three: When I see a character in a video game like Zelda, I have to envision voice actors for them. I can't help it.
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    ★ i crack my jaw quite often.
    ★ although at times i do bite my nails, my real habit is biting the skin off of my thumb.
    ★ i cannot stand silence, it makes me freak out.
    ★ i will save everything to my desktop, despite having a zillion specific folders for everything. in fact, i am too specific, and often lose track of things. i bump them around to different folders and usually just end up searching for them in the start menu anyway.
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    I apologize in advance. hadohado319's Avatar
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    When I'm drunk I don't get beer muscles, I attempt parkour.

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    It's not as much weird as painful, but the same as Menolly with biting the skin off my fingers when I'm working~
    Oh, and I think out loud heaps and when I hear myself I start laughing at how dumb I sound and then I keep talking and the cycle continues xD
    Currently: Writing a lot.
    Episode #2 of "Headphones Reaper!" also recently came out!
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    I have all sorts of ordinary habits, but also sometimes when my eyes feel a bit uncomfortable, I for some reason can't help but open my eyes really wide (stretching the sockets) and blinking a lot while looking up. It can be kind of difficult to stop. There's nothing particularly bad about the habit, but I really try avoid doing it around people because someone having their eyes really wide open, looking up, and blinking fast is probably a pretty weird image hahaha
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