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Major Change.

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This is just an announcement, but it's definitely going to affect all of my future and upcoming productions.

Basically, I've been losing interest in producing fandubs. Sure, it's fun, but my motivation runs low (whereas when it comes to radioplays, I'm like a hyper child). I'm still into the whole producing thing, but not fandubs. In short, I've decided to really start going down that 'original radioplay' road. Once all of my current fandubs are up and over with (still don't know about Fire Emblem since my sister hardly picks the game up and won't let me play it for some odd reason), I'm going to stop producing excessive fandubs. I'm still going to do some one-shot clips every once and a while, but nothing too major like clip dubs and whole episodes.

Oh yeah. I might change the name of the productions, too....

Thanks for reading~
- Sera


  1. McTricky's Avatar
    Take arms! We will storm this world with original radioplays!!
  2. Estellise's Avatar

    And someday, we'll do a special fandub on our own.
  3. Sera Phia's Avatar
    @Tricky: Start our army, general!

    @Estellise: You're a special exception. I need to voice a clip wit you. :<
  4. Kennidy's Avatar
    I actually really agree with you on the "fan dubs" thing. I'm finding myself more and more interested in radio plays and flash animations--especially acting-wise. Producing-wise, however... I kind of feel as if I have to stick with producing them because I really suck at writing and animating, so... DX

    But I wish you the best of luck with your future productions!<3 I'll definitely keep an eye on them~!
  5. Apatheria's Avatar
    I'm in a similar boat. I find myself wanting to be in more radioplays and flash animations, but dang nabit, so many fandubs of stuff I'm actually interested in keep popping up, so...what can ya do?

    Still, glad to hear you're making the shift. I'll keep an eye out for radioplays of yours.
  6. Sera Phia's Avatar
    Thanks, you two <3 Glad to hear that I'm not going absolutely originality-insane, and that people are leaning that way, too.
  7. Rahne's Avatar
    Radioplays shall storm the world! The Branded Saints among them This should be interesting for you, yes? Although, it is a bit sad to see you've lost interest in fandubs. But hey, whatever you feel motivated to do!