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01-06-2010, 12:29 AM
The first chapter of the KH Fandub Saga is up! Our story begins deep within the reaches of what appears to be our hero's mind...

Hlmactiii as Sora
Refi-Chan as the Narrator
Jae-Min Seo as Tidus
LillianBell as Selphie
Libra89 as Wakka

Opening edited and sung by Princess Clairey
Directed, Cast, and Edited by Sonickrazy
Sound Mixed by Sonickrazy and khcrazy10

Yeah, sorry for the stretched widescreen on this one, I was playing around with the letterbox feature, and it wasn't apparent it was a problem until too late. ^^;

YouTube- Kingdom Hearts Fandub - Awakening Part 1

YouTube- Kingdom Hearts Fandub - Awakening Part 2

01-15-2010, 04:39 AM
Might wanna email the cast about this thread, possibly? I guess you did email us the links for the YouTube, so that is good enough ^^ I KNOW! Maybe link this on your audition thread to show the VAs that this project is happening so you get more auditions?

Well, aside from my YouTube excitedness comment over there, here I have more room for a fuller critique, yes? ^^

Opening Song~Princess Clairey: Wow, that sounded pretty official w/ all the special mixing effects and such! Did you sing the multiple parts where there were overlapping voices? I do love a lower counter melody, but something in the blend or balance seemed a bit off about 1:38 (well, it was the upper harmony bit there that stuck out I guess) Still, amazing performance!

Sora~hlmactiii: You sound very Sora-ish in what we heard of you so far ^^ Between Sora here, Riku for my project, and Mickey in the BBS trailers, I'm just waiting for you to do an entire production by yourself ^^ Well, we get to hear more of your Sora in the next part! ^.~

Mysterious Narrator~Refi-chan (me): I'm so use to my voice, I guess I can't hear if I'm mystical enough X3 I feel like quoting Jerry Jewell from when he came to a local con in regards to him recording Selman from Black Blood Brothers about only sounding half as hot in the finished recording as how he sounded while delivering the line (because when you give a line, what you hear is different than what comes out)

Tidus~Jae-min Seo: I don't know the Final Fantasy characters outside of KH, but from what I heard so far, it sounds like you nailed him!

Selphie~LillianBell: Heehee, even in your little part, I could hear the flighty and free personality Selphie has here in Kingdom Hearts :3

Wakka~Libra: Power to the accents! I look forward to hearing more of yours in the next part! :3

Sound~Sounds great :3 Smooth music, balanced sfx that are timed up right. And everyone sounded clear in their recordings. Maybe amp up Sora's and Tidus's voice a bit and lower Wakka a bit. Great job so far, Sonickrazy and khcrazy10. We got a nice 'crazy' team on our hands ;)

Video~Well you know what the only beef there was so I won't say it and look forward to the next part coming out to be absolutely perfect! 8D Oh, and I guess the little jump about 8:05 but that might have been unavoidable?

Directing~Maybe there could have been some Sora struggling noises added in, like at 7:10 etc when the darkness is sucking him up? Sora is too silent at the beginning XD I guess it was good he was though, if its like for one of those dream feelings where everything is happening to you and you are powerless or something ^^

Closing Words: I do look forward to watching this dub unfold :3 I've been playing KHII and tried to go back onto my expert level KHI file (I was only at the Wonderland world on it >.>) and the controls are so different and it's so annoying to have to fly the gummi ship between every world *sigh* So I'm very glad to go through this dub to go through the storyline again :D

And MUWAHHHHHH! Was it just me, or did this seem to leave off at a cliffhanger? X3